Monday morning blues… DI

Guess it’s obvious that after a really fun weekend, coming back to office is definitely boring…. two whole days of lazing around aimlessly seems to have totally drained me of any enthu to continue working…and sadly , theres a lot to do.. good thing that this week brings my first month of summers to an end.. cant believe its a month already…
Its been good fun here to quite an extent, considering the place is fun and the company ‘not so bad'(kidding…). Dint go home this weekend. Went for ’50 first dates’ on friday with a friend from Hyd. It was the first movie i saw in a hall after coming to K. was a good change from watching movies on the comp screen for almost an year now.
missed the delhi meet…. not a big deal i guess, considering only four people turned up finally :p…but had fun yesterday eveing roaming about in the malls and then ending it all with a trip to south delhi, with babbar and jasleen… so all in all a fun weekend, and believe me, its really a headache sitting here in front of the comp right now. Planning to start a personal blog , considering the length of what i write seems to be increasing nowadays… so guess next time , it won’t be under the iimk username…
thats it for now from a really bored, depressed, sleepy Divya


21 thoughts on “Monday morning blues… DI

    1. P.S. wanted to check for how long are you going to feel ‘bored’ now? Constant mood is it ? Change it like NOW…

      Reminding you of your latest FB status message 😉 now at least change the mood,okay?

    1. Hi Lakshmi! I am not sure if you saw it, but the post dates back to 2004! When the movie was released! I edited it, so it shows as a new post 😦

  1. Swaram

    My head ws rolling yesterday when I saw this one the reader when I ws almost sleeping 😉
    Seeing ‘Monday, Ws wondering if it was time for office already and I was in some zombie state!

  2. Thank you Nu, for telling me this is a post from the past…. 😉 I missed that part totally….wondering when this DI shifted to Gurgaon… 😉 and when did Wednesday become Monday…. 😉

  3. wowo my readers says Posted 6 years ago 🙂

    i had to read the comments before i put mine cause what i wanted to write is alreayd there
    i thought i was late latif in watching moveies but aapne ne to kamaal kar diya i thought 50 first dates 🙂 i saw it 6 years ago i think he heeheh

    but hey pleasent surprise though

    Glad you had fun THENNNNNN how you are having FUN now tooooo 🙂

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