Preparing to get back to K…..

Pretty long since i blogged right? yeah i know… not tht theres no net around, infact i have a continuos access from 8 PM every night, but just that dint feel like it for so long….

came back from tirupati yesterday…and after a lot of efforts i must say the trip was definitely worth it. amazing weather with really stormy rains at the time of our darshanam, should say it was good..

am leaving for K tomorrow, and seriously dont know if i should be excited or apprehensive or just normal ‘it doesn’t matter damn to me’ kinds. another year to go and a lot to think about. thats probably what i have been doing all these 2 and a half months, thinking over whats happened, and trying to plan the future. it never works though , so i guess i should leave it at that. Am pretty anxiuos about things go smoothly this year, in fact, hope things are better than they were last time.

Have had an amazing time this summer, made hazaar new friends, met up with so many old ones, and seriously realised that theres a lot to be happy about. probably would remember all these times whenever things go wrong and be happy again.Thats definitely all that i can wish for. Heres to another (happy) year at K!!!!


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