Its more than a week now since I came back to K , and like I said I didn’t blog even once….actually cant really take the entire blame upon myself, considering none of us have had time for anything except for assignments, quizzes and cases, thanks to Dr. Saji, our ops professor. He has always maintained the reputation of taking his teaching profession a bit too seriously. Infact all subjects are very automatically sidelined if he is taking any of the courses. Undoubtedly good at his subjects, he happens to be too hard a task master at times and there are frequent nightouts during his course. Like one yesterday, finally had to keep awake till 6 30 to finish his assignment and then be ready for his class at 11.At times, its torture. Anyways, his classes have finally come to an end, and today is much more relaxed than any day in the past one week.

K is just thw same, and when i say this I literally mean it. The rooms have n’t really be whitewashed n all. Heaven knows why we were made to empty our rooms before leaving. Shifted to a new room this term, and have gotten pretty used to it by now. Its on the ground floor but thankfully the view from thw room is still as awesome. Had an amazing view of the hill side early in the morning today, with clouds descending and the entire atmosphere foggy. This is not really a frequent thing to see as I am never awake at this hour in the morning, except when I haven’t slept till then , like today.

Am looking forward to the new term to start. Mom , Dad and sis were here fr a couple of days. couldn’t even spend much time with them thanks to Sajis work. My sis really loved the campus, like everyone till now has. Feel really proud about it, after all its my campus :D….

Anyways, guess i will stop now, have assignments due for tomorrow too, thankfully group ones, and with the fun group I have its good to work too…
Till then, Ciao


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