Its more than two months since I started blogging. not that I have been particularly regular. Dunno what I am getting from all this, but one thing that happened was that I got to read several other blogs, of my friends from here, and other unknown people , and also several old freinds whom I never knew blogged. And the variety in these blogs was mindblowing. While I have seen quite a few blogs giving their daily routine, others have very meticulously discussed topics they are interested in. There have been blogs which are actually interesting write-ups , and which invite comments. While others which are just daily musings and have nothing to do with whatever the readers say or feel. Going through these however still doesn’t help me understand the reason behind my blog.It started as a journal recording all the happenings during my summers ,but seems to have changed quite a bit now. Anyways, dont think I will achieve anything by realising the point to my blog.. so as well might leave it at that….

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  1. Anonymous

    Guess what? I like reading blogs because I get an insight of what others feel and think.Eg: What goes thru a doctor’s mind, MBAs mind, a mom’s mind or a 16 yr old’s mind.Itz a chance to live so many lives in one shot..Makes sense? You won’t believe it ..I read close to 40 blogs a day.In fact, Iam addicted to certain blogs.
    Check this out ..A blog written on why we blog. I liked this particular blog of urs.

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