Love Actually……

Love actually is amazing!!!! ok, ok …. lemme rephrase that ,
“Love actually” is amazing!! Had to choose between reading a strat case , or watching this beautiful movie… the choice was simple , so stayed up till 5 , and then slept peacefully till 12 noon. No strat class, no case… simple huh?

Ya, found it to be a refreshing movie. Around six stories woven into one, and done so well, that at no point of time do you think it as boring or a drag. Many people did say six stories were way too many to maintain the interest factor, but i guess it opinions do differ…:)

Have a few readings to do for tomorrow, and dont know where to start from , so found a better way out, am watching
‘Serendipity’ instead … some choices in life are just so simple to make!!


5 thoughts on “Love Actually……

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that sure looks like some good use of the comp and of your time, too. BTW, if you did enjoy Love Actually (I don’t know of anyone who didn’t), I think you wouldn’t mind Serendipity either.
    Happy Watching!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Divya, You rock :-)) . Nice way of making choices. Ya, both the movies are great, i have seen abt 10 movies in the past week here but whenever there is something to study for the class, i hope to follow your lead.

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