Exhausted after 3 hours at the party…..and this is exactly what I had planned…to dance , scream, enjoy and then sleep soundly!! Not very often do things go the way you want them to…touchwood!

Have been parctically doing nothing the whole week, not more than one or two classes each day, and the next week is also kinda similar. Do have a few submissions to make and hope to get them done properly tomorrow:(..

Our juniors have turned out to be a major enthu bunch, and though haven’t interacted with many, they seem fun kinds only. Watched a coupla other movies. One being Tom Hanks starring ‘The Terminal’. Really good movie, with Hanks living upto expectations again..Another was ‘garfield’, which was a total timepass, exactly what you would expect from a Cat’s story.

Have just one class tomorrow, Panda’s CB. Though its after lunch its better I sleep now, considering I haven’t felt so exhausted since long! Good fun our parties are…one major aspect about IIMK worth remembering….what with the numerous ‘presentations’ and ‘awards’ we seem to have ….Our batch is indeed amazing!!!



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  1. Anonymous

    well i am a big fan of tom hanks and the movie is awesome. situations make people adapt and learn . are u really a party animal????

  2. Anonymous

    The worsrt part about Live Journal is that if you don’t have an account there, it does not let you leave ur details there..Right.?:)

  3. Hmmm….a party animal…lemme think…not really. ya i do enjoy parties once in a while, but thats about it. Btw, would be nice if you could leave your blog link here:)…would help me know you a bit too…

  4. Anonymous

    well i dont like people knowing me in and out…thats why i write personal blog enteries….you can call be arcane…but one thing is there that your blogs look very true as what you actually feel… honest.

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