09:30a.m. Alarm rings (put it on snooze)

09:36a.m. Alarm rings again (damn, put it on snooze again)

09:42a.m. Alarm rings yet again (just switch it off!!!)

01:30p.m. Wake up!!(damn, theres a class at 2:15)

02:10p.m. Rush for lunch

02:20p.m. Rush to class (why do i need to rush all the time)

03:15p.m.Class over(go to the canteen)

04:30p.m.Get back to the room(you cant really stay longer at the canteen)

04:32p.m. Get back to sleep(finally!!!)

07:30p.m.Wake up!!(am hungry:(( ,but anyways will check mails till dinner)

08:00p.m. Dinner time!!!

09:00p.m. Again back to the room

09:02p.m.Sort out the music folders (and ask others what they r doing)

10:00p.m.Try (!!?!)reading the strat case

10:10p.m.Give up (whew!!!)

10:11p.m.Start chatting (on the net and on the floor) with other busy people

01:30a.m.Realise the time!!!(and rush to the canteen)

02:15a.m.get back and chat ,blog, surf )

03:00a.m.feel like watching a movie(so buzz people asking them for one)

05:00a.m.goto sleep(what a tiring day!)

09:30a.m.The alarm rings (yet again)

And the story goes on……Yeah, Life at an IIM is hectic!!)





7 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    looks like u spend most of the time trying to be awake or in front of the computer. i am sure you do other interesting stuff also then what you just described. it looks that sleep, computer and net friends that captures most of your time. are you a lonner..!!!!….honest

  2. Hmmm…i do sleep most of the time yes, but when I am up, all the time in the canteen, etc is with friends!Loner, am definitely not..and my net friends are also people from my campus or my old school n college friends, so thats about it…

  3. Anonymous

    I had the same prob.The alarm kept ringing and I used to put it in the snooze mode. One fine morning, I threw the alarm on the floor and it broke.:(.Since then, I use the alarm on my mobile phone .Because of this, I can’t throw it as it is expensive (with a cam) and sometimes, I think itz a incoming call and I wake up to realize that I fooled myself.

  4. Anonymous

    Can totally relate…
    Thank God things are the same across all campuses..I have heard so many “stories” abt how hectic life can be at the IIMs that i used to feel sorry for them but then u seem to have ur priorities right 🙂 Good for u !! That hunting for a good movei to watch at 3 am brought back a floooooood of memories..sigh…

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