09:30a.m. Alarm rings (put it on snooze)

09:36a.m. Alarm rings again (damn, put it on snooze again)

09:42a.m. Alarm rings yet again (just switch it off!!!)

01:30p.m. Wake up!!(damn, theres a class at 2:15)

02:10p.m. Rush for lunch

02:20p.m. Rush to class (why do i need to rush all the time)

03:15p.m.Class over(go to the canteen)

04:30p.m.Get back to the room(you cant really stay longer at the canteen)

04:32p.m. Get back to sleep(finally!!!)

07:30p.m.Wake up!!(am hungry:(( ,but anyways will check mails till dinner)

08:00p.m. Dinner time!!!

09:00p.m. Again back to the room

09:02p.m.Sort out the music folders (and ask others what they r doing)

10:00p.m.Try (!!?!)reading the strat case

10:10p.m.Give up (whew!!!)

10:11p.m.Start chatting (on the net and on the floor) with other busy people

01:30a.m.Realise the time!!!(and rush to the canteen)

02:15a.m.get back and chat ,blog, surf )

03:00a.m.feel like watching a movie(so buzz people asking them for one)

05:00a.m.goto sleep(what a tiring day!)

09:30a.m.The alarm rings (yet again)

And the story goes on……Yeah, Life at an IIM is hectic!!)






Author: The Girl in Blue Jeans

Eh, seriously, what would you know from here that you wouldn't from the blog. Go back. Read!

7 thoughts on “”

  1. looks like u spend most of the time trying to be awake or in front of the computer. i am sure you do other interesting stuff also then what you just described. it looks that sleep, computer and net friends that captures most of your time. are you a lonner..!!!!….honest

  2. Hmmm…i do sleep most of the time yes, but when I am up, all the time in the canteen, etc is with friends!Loner, am definitely not..and my net friends are also people from my campus or my old school n college friends, so thats about it…

  3. I had the same prob.The alarm kept ringing and I used to put it in the snooze mode. One fine morning, I threw the alarm on the floor and it broke.:(.Since then, I use the alarm on my mobile phone .Because of this, I can’t throw it as it is expensive (with a cam) and sometimes, I think itz a incoming call and I wake up to realize that I fooled myself.

  4. Can totally relate…
    Thank God things are the same across all campuses..I have heard so many “stories” abt how hectic life can be at the IIMs that i used to feel sorry for them but then u seem to have ur priorities right 🙂 Good for u !! That hunting for a good movei to watch at 3 am brought back a floooooood of memories..sigh…

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