Its such a bad feeling when you are sure that you have judged a person right, and know their worth, and they turn out to be the very opposite. And all the good things that you always associated with them, seem to be the qualities they lack, something the7 never had…..Not only do I feel like a fool right now, I feel disheartened. But one things for sure, I am not a good judge of people…


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  1. Anonymous

    hey..miss honest dont get disheartened by any of such experiences in life. remember that we are not here to judge or form opinions about different people. in different situations people act accordingly. there is nothing wrong in knowing a particular person but expexting that the person will be such in every situation is naive…..common a person behaved in a particular way made u think that the person is good and in another situation the person behaved and u think now the person is otherwise. get over with live life and learn to take it that way…..its situations that make a person good or bad,….so look around you and will definetly find a person with whom you can spend time happily…cheer up and enjoy life…..or sleep:P

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