Back to Normal…..Seriously!!

My recent blogs have been oh so depressing, thanks to the kind of mood I wrote them in, But finally, and thankfully am now back to normal. Seem to have been taking really small things to heart too often…but realised that it really stupid of me to do so. Fourth term is already half done and I hardly have any time left here at K (ok… am exaggerating, but still!!), and dunno where all my vows to enjoy life as much as possible disappeared. So , from now on its back to full fledged implementation what I had decided upon before coming in here, and I know things will slowly falll back into place and there will be nothing left to worry about again:).

Guess this sudden change of mood was brought about because of the amazing water fight we had at Eeks’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY EEKS!!)…..seriously had great fun trying to drench Chacha and finally succeeding (though must say the following cleaning campaign wasn’t all that fun!!!)….also to see Ron, Maddy, Richard and Ashwini huddle in the corner of the balcony trying to protect themslves with our(!!) towels….must say it was hillarious!!!

So, its back to ‘Ms.Cheerful-I dont care-Iyer’……ciao


5 thoughts on “Back to Normal…..Seriously!!

  1. Welcome back ‘Ms.Cheerful-I dont care-Iyer'(?!)
    And btw .. how could you remain a passive bystander to the drenching of four innocent well-wishers of the birthday girl!?!

  2. Yes, watching chacha get drenched was great, despite the preceding ordeals!…guess what, i took the candy test too (i have no work!)…and it turns out that i’m bubblegum…huh!!?!…whatever!

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