Exams……most irritating time of the year !! and sadly, these come like 6 times every year in this place….
So, exams are finally here, though the fact that there are just 3 of them and spread over just 2 days , make them seem less intimidating.
Had the greatest party ever day before. It was the freshers party at Taj, and was it fun !!!! Stayed till the very end, and was so exhausted by the time I came back that slept straight for 11 hours after coming back…..(and again for 3 more hours, after an hour long break for lunch..:P)..

Am finally planning to study a bit now….all exams seem to be either global, or open book….but need to open the material once atleast to see what lies where…

Have done all possible things to waste time in the past few days….watched crappy movies, sorted and resorted the files on my comp… and what not!!!
Am on a high in life these days (touchwood), though have no idea till when this is going to stay this way….
Guess, should get to some serious work, while am still like this……till then , ciao


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