Btw, exams are over, and so……Its Party time!!!
Not really, have three hours of MBFS tomorrow 😦

Todays first exam, MBFS was a disaster, and worse than I epected it to be. And on top of that I made really silly mistakes as usual….anyways, life’s like that…

On the upside, went out for dinner, the Punjabi fest on in Hyson…food was pretty decent, and I stuffed myself with the delicious ‘Baingan Ka Bharta’ and ‘Boondi Raita’….reminded me so much of home….waaaaaahhhhh:((

The weathers amazing, with non stop rains, and the hills look really scenic ….theres a good view from my room though it is on the so called ground floor…..the insti being on a hill, our ground floor is at par with the top floors of the other hostels….so we have the best always:)..

Being on the ground floor has its disadvantages too, its nearer to reptiles and insects of all kinds….and there were 2 snakes in the hostel yesterday( details later)….

Its time to sleep now, atleast will try to sleep…..ciao


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  1. Anonymous

    hmmm…2 snakes in a day look like a good count…have been struggling with the insects and the pests myself, but no encounters with snakes yet…hope to catch on with the ‘snake masala’ in your next post 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    congrats on finishing your exams. well these things do happen and i think its in india only that peopel take so much tension for exams and all. i find the whole education system as tooo demanding at reminds me of my engineering days when there were a few exams where i use to copy wrong or do some stupid mistakes…my trade mark. my tells me that abroad this kind of demanding stuff is not there. well neverbeen abroad but always think wudnt it be better that we live here and give the exams abroad.:))….chal anyways enjoy life…with snakes…live peacefully and let them live peacefully…

  3. Anonymous

    Life at IIM is full party.Is it ? Party..Sleep all the time. He he!
    Somebody rightly said that the toughest part of a B school is getting and admit into it.. rt?

  4. ‘2 snakes in a day’ was more like ‘two snakes together getting really pally’…..uggghhhh, it was scary, but like i said, details later…..:)

  5. hmmm probably…..cos i never had to work as hard here,as I did before getting in , or rather to get in…..but its not all fun too..:(….yesterdays MBFS exam was enuff proof of that:((….btw, is that arcane again??

  6. Thanks, all the same , there seems to be nothing really gr8 abt it anymore, first quiz of the season tomorrow:(…(yeah right….already!!!!)

  7. Anonymous

    Wow.. some friendly neighbourhood u have – Why did i miss seeing scorpions in the post 🙂
    Are the songs of FIDA any good – i didnt kinda like em in the promos though Bebo rocked, as usual… Drooool !

  8. Re: 🙂
    Hmm…they are very ok types, atleast the first time you hear them, nothing really good…..was myself checking them out fr the first time yesterday in fact….as fr the neighbourhood…..uugggghhhh!!!

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