Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Yup….its daddy’s Birthday today……and so, as usual, i miss him, miss being home :(…..

Birthdays have always been the same at home. When I was a kid, me and my sis used to sit up the night before and very seriously ‘make’ cards for Dad. Morning , first thing at 6, wake up , wish daddy, give him the ‘cards’ , wait for him to admire them, and then back to sleep. Mom would make the customary ‘payasam’ in the evening, and then we would go to the nearby market for icecreams.

When I started getting my ‘pocketmoney'( believe me, it used to make me feel immensely proud and satisfied to have money for my ownself)….we (me n my sis), started adding a gift to the cards. This gift would be decided upon after much discussion, but would eventually be either an aftershave (yeah..right), a deo or a pen….

When I left home for hyderabad, I still remembered sending him a card every birthday, but sadly it was no longer handmade….started buying all those ‘father’ specific cards from archies….anyways, always explained to myself that it was the thought that counted…..

Now, in Calicut, even the archies card is not possible….reason: theres no shop around, or there are no good cards available …i know , bad excuses, but then I seriously am bad at times….

So, its going to be just a phone call tomorrow to wish him, and he is not even home…..:(…imagine spending a birthday alone…..working the whole day!!

Anyways Daddy, Just want you to know that you are the best Dad in the world, and I Love you….Happy Birthday!!!

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