Yet again I have changed the look of my blog….btw this ones a copy , a direct lift from   ‘s blog…..really liked it, ok then, mine does have a different color scheme…..

Had our first post mids MBFS class, and must say, it was good, much better than the previous classes, what with the new prof 9 who is our old profs husband), going into every minute detail while teaching…..totally in contradiction to his wife, who presumed us all to be full fledged , eksperienced bankers…. (pardon the spelling errors, have decided to use ‘ks’ in place of …….oh what the hell….in place of the missing alphabet on my keyboard, the one that follows ‘w’).So, we have a quiz tomorrow, hope its simple, atleast as simple as the prof made todays lesson seem to be……

Had a miserable cold today afternoon, damn this weather, sneezed through  the entire class, and had a terrible headache following, am much better after a pill and two hours of sleep.

I desperately need to clean my room, atleast rearrange it, its baaaaddddd…..but am so lazy as usual, whenever i do have time i am hooked to the net (touchwood…its been ok recently, i feel lost whenever we hv no net). Then I need to book the tickets home. And then I need to go to the city…….gosh, I have sooo much work to do:(.

Will start tomorrow for sure…….should sleep now i guess…….till then, ciao

P.S.: Procrastination is such a beautiful word….

4 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    You’ve changed templates thrice in the last 2 days – everytime i drop in, m not so sure its the right place 🙂
    Ppl still listen to Tracy Chapman.. Wowww.. I love that cute guitar(??) piece after she croons “Be someone, be someone be someone… ting ting ting 🙂
    N be careful when ya clean de room – beware of ..well.. snakes 🙂

  2. He he he…. true,changing templates is fun in itself, especially if u r jobless …..
    As fr Tracy Chapman, the songs are real good, and right, people do like them still:)….

  3. Anonymous

    hey thx for the acknow.. and urs blog is lookin gr8… wwaise what did u do with ur ‘x’ .. he he… chimp(x)

  4. Re: thx
    i have nothing to do with the alphabet u mentioned above anymore…..i have found suitable substitutes….chimpeks…(hehe, i have no choice but to spell it that way)

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