A chilled out weekend I had….though there were classes on sunday, it was MBFS, the course i seem to enjoy these days :). Had just one class today and the trend continues tomorrow too….so I am practically free…..(unless you count that the class we have is CB, which is like….lemme not comment!!!)

Am reading John Grisham’s ‘The Last Juror’ now, though i seem to have mentioned my intention of starting the same about a whole fortnight back:(….but then….I am like that!

Watched ‘Ice age’ today…and really enjoyed it….what a movie…. one of the best animation movies ever I think…hmmm…i do like ‘Shrek’ too…but this was definitely amazing…..

Watched ‘Life is Beautiful’ coupla days back, and yeah for the first time. Nice movie, but sad ending :(..i dont like sad endings, i mean no one good should end up in a mess….i know thats juvenile and impractical, and what not….but i was really upset when the father dies in the end…:(

Even in ice age, when the tiger Diago returns…i was more than happy…thats what made it a happy ending finally…

Staying up late is fun, and sleeping late in the morning is even more fun….bunked PM class today… couldn’t help it… came to know of the changed schedule 10 minutes before class and I hadn’t even woken up till then….guess its ok…haven’t really bunked many classes (except fr ASP…:P)…

Hve to start on the SM n ASP N MBFS projects soon…deadlines seemt to be approaching already…..Finally booked my tickets home, atleast ordered the booking….so will be going home on the 9th of september:)….it seems like real long… it is actually its already 2 months!!! time really flies. Before I know , my time at K would be over…infact the next time i go home, i.e. after sept would be never to return …considering i wont be able to go home in december…it feelsfunny…. seem to have joined so really recently…

Anyways, seem to have more than made up for two days of absence frm the blogging world….till then, Ciao


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  1. Anonymous

    Its so reassuring to know that there are other “juveniles” around – I loved LIB till the end – cudn’t bear to see RB die :-(( Lotsa ppl think i am crazy but i actually felt like bawling even in a movie like Mrs doubtfire where Robin Williams doesnt get back with his wife (one of the few occasions when i hated Pierce Brosnan)
    Hey, if CB stands for Consumer Behavior i sure would like to hear wot u wanna say abt it šŸ™‚ I personally thot the course was one of the worst i have ever sat in class for…CB is to be learnt out in the field yaar..Why dont these bozos understand that… Neway i shall stop my ramblin’ now…

  2. notting hill
    was just goin through the ‘interests’ section when i stumbled upon notting hill.i am crazy bout the movie and ofcourse julia roberts.so i thought probably we could share some trivia bout notting hill,something real close to my heart.

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