Tomorrows off for me!!!! Yipeeeee!!! This is my third holiday (as in official holiday) for me this term….

I am a bit off today…am realising that I need almost no reason to get ‘upset’ these days, so I dont think these mood swings count anymore. Anyways, felt a bit bored today….ot until I was on phone for quite some time though, as usual…I hate being alone, I mean I do like staying in my room, lazing away , but I realised that even then I need someone to chat with me online or on phone, else I get real lonely :(… But thanks to my friends, I really dont get to spend too much time alone….

Had CB for three continuos days, and as usual I was called upon by the prof everytime for some answer or the other, and what I realised was that answering something, infact anything, with a slight bit of confidence really helps in this class….for example:

Prof: what does the difference in the attribute scores across different industries indicate in this case?
Me: mumble mumble….the attributes sir….are different…different attributes hold…. different relevance… across the industries…
Prof: Right

On retrospect, my answer was just a rearrangement of the words in the question asked… but believe me, its much better than not answering….which kinda proves to him that you indeed have no clue of whats going on…so thats CB for you…

I watched MONSTERS inc. yesterday, and am I in love with the movie!!! People might be thinking that I say that fr every movie, but then I dont even mention the ones I dont like…..
Its one of the cutest animated movies ever….dunno how and why I missed these movies when they were released.

Talked to my lil sis today,and she seems to be enjoying life (touchwood)…she makes it a point to call me up everyday..even if its for a few seconds. I , once again have no balance in my cell….dunno how i manage this, but I seem to finish any amount of talk time I have within a week of recharging the cell!! Need to do something about…really dont know how it happens, especially since the only calls I make are ‘missed calls’ indicating the reciever to call me back :P…Thankfully have around 5 bucks left in it, so that I can continue the missed call system, wouldn’t know what to do if I am unable to talk to anyone when I really want to….

Life at K is fun, and whenever it strikes me that its soon going to get over, I really feel bad about it….. again, hope to enjoy it as long as it lasts!!!


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  1. Anonymous

    Look at it this way.. Life at K is surely fun but mebbe u will get a job at a place where u dont even have to give a missed call.. all the near n dear ones might be living with u 🙂 And u will then be wondering if ur cell balance will ever come down 😛
    Monsters Inc. – the more animated movies u recommend the more i am beginning to distrust ur recos 😀 How abt suggestin’ some good ol’ romcoms yaar..
    Okie, if u like Rasathi mebbe u shud chk out songs from a movie called Uzhavan – one of ARR’s older albums, has some lovely folk nos” n simple melodies

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