Yesterday, was a great day, and so was the day before that. Hmm….lets come to why….Day before was an off, which I spent in the most vella possible manner….First of all, I was on the phone till around 5:30 in the morning, and just when I was planning to go to sleep finaly, I saw that Bhawana was up too, so both of us decided to go for a walk downhill …. and off we went…this was my first ‘morning walk’ since i came on campus ,and was worth every moment spent…The place looks even more beautiful than from my balcony….the mist settles down on the hills and you can soft layers of white covering the top of every hill in view….the best part was that since we ourselves are on a hill, I got to walk through such mist…..It was oh so dreamy!!!! So after the cloudy walk, we proceeded to have breakfast at 7 45, right when its served…..and was it good!!! I am always late for breakfast, infact I always miss breakfast… and having hot idli vada was heaven!!!

The neksthing was sleeping, which I did till 2 in the afternoon, when I thought it was time for lunch….and after lunch I proceeded on to watch a movie ‘I robots’ to be specific…pretty decent in fact…. Then it was back to sleep till 6 30 and then back to fun and total timepass….. Hours on the phone, and online…. it was the best holiday ever!!!!!

Today was a great day too, but for different reasons….. Firstly, I GOT MY STIPEND!!!! YIPEEEE!!!! Then, MY FLIGHT TICKETS ARE BOOKED!!!!! and, MY FINGER IS ALMOST TOTALLY BACK TO NORMAL!!(oh i dint mention that before right, since yesterday my poor lil indeks finger on the left hand is horribly swollen and painful:((….)

So, everythings perfect….hmmm almost actually….if only my friend had called as usual….talking to him has become a daily compulsary routine, and missing it out anyday is kinda wierd…..anyways, will make him compensate for this tomorrow….

So, after these details about my amazing past two days, its back to today when I have classes right from 8 in the morning :(…..dis have them today too, and in fact attended them ….hmm…am getting better i guess….

Was watching ‘sleeping with the enemy ‘ today, and the house on the beach was so really awesome!!! Hmm…infact I have always dreamt of having a beach facng house…..I know it would be amazing, considering how beach crazy i am..

Kovalam is the only decent beach I have been to, and the place was the most beautiful ever… I practically had to be pulled out of water each time…. I really wanna see Goa , and Lakshadweep….. and on a more optimistic note , even Seychelles:P…. and probably Hawaii…. !!!

Someday i am going to post a wishlist here, all possible wishes, I mean am pretty modest, wouldn’t ask for anything out of the world ….(though the world itself would do:)…), and keep updating it, to see how many actually come true, should be fun…..

Not that I am not having enough fun now;)….guess I should stop and enjoy this really dreamy mood I seem to be in…. Till then, Ciao!!


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  1. Anonymous

    U haven’t seen Pondicherry ? Try that.. n the beach in Bali is also supposed to be awesome..Here’s wishing all ur dreams come true.. Btw, if after traveling 2 all these places u get a free ticket for becoming a frequent flier, mebbe u can pass it on to poor ol’ me…
    So the stipend has come..Hmm..Ur first pay packet right..No wonder it was typed in CAPS 😉
    Current mood: Expectin’ a treat :-p
    Current song: Yeh dosti hum nahin :-p

  2. Interesting idea, posting a wishlist. Maybe i will post one too and we can compare if anything is common. And if they are material things like air tickets, then we can gun for a bulk discount! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    hey…add me too to the list of beneficiary of your first pay cheque…treat!!! :-))
    Congrats for the first Salary!!
    and well u inspired me to go for a morning walk…I do plan to fulfill that desire in the coming two years…
    Happy Independence day!!

  4. Anonymous

    You seem to be in a good mood.:)
    I have observed this but the length of your post is directly proportional to the state of ur mood. The better mood u are in, the longer post you write..Don’t you
    Take care.

  5. Anonymous

    hi divya…thnx for ur comments on my blog…
    lot to explore in ur blog yet…good effort here…. 🙂
    ne way, its 8PM friday night and its a sin to be sittin before a lapy at this hr..esply in bangalore…so lemme revisit some time…

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