Break ke baad…..

Horrible cold, continous sneezing, loud crappy music, useless attempts to advise a friend on chat, head ache, 4 hours of boring presentations, more submissions soon…..

No more classes for the day, MBFS done, lighter week in terms of classes, home in 2 weeks…..

Ok, pretty much the summary of the bad and good in my life these days…… But since my cold seems to be worsening and my sneezing even more frequent (btw , i have a record of around 47 non stop sneezes)….i better stop blogging….
Rest when condition gets back to normal……


11 thoughts on “Break ke baad…..

  1. i m sure i can give u competition in sneezing…:P. there’s no point consoling anyone on chat . they will never be okiee…they just want to gain attention….so remember all the good and try and forget all the bad…

  2. Anonymous

    A good journal you got here. I didn’t know you blog.. got the link from Venkat’s. Mine is at, mostly boring tech n eco stuff. πŸ™‚
    And yeah, there are plenty of places in Kozhikode where you can get great coffee. In fact, almost all the hotels just around our hillock has good Nescafes and Brus. Enjoy.

  3. Anonymous

    Came here at this crazh hour to blog after a lovely day – saw Shrek2 :-)))))))))) But then dont feel like typin’ anything now….. so will write tomorrow.. Till then take care of the achooooo and the PLR stuff πŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous

    i dont blog… i only write comments.. actually i got ur link from sidin’s comments section.. πŸ™‚
    current music: valaiyosai from sathya

  5. Anonymous

    wishing u health…
    an american visitor told me there are herbs that are found in kerala which can magically control sneezes and give relief…this is according to ayurvedic panchakarma method it seems…just FYI…if it can be of use… πŸ™‚
    ne ways, wishing u a speedy recovery…health & peace…

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