Am, back , this time without the sneezes…. colds are really a nuisance, and I strangely, sleep perfectly fine, but end up waking up with a cold every morning?!!?! Its damn irritating… (ok, lemme not go on about colds, its boring)
So , through with yet another presentation, Branding this time.. and thankfully, it went off pretty well… with DC talking really comfortably about ‘his Asian Paints’… Am through with 90 percent of the strat report too, and even met Rameshan…. So now its the ASP and Strat presentations that remain… not bad huh?

Watched 2 movies in the past 2 days, both Hindi, after really long:)….One was the much talked about ‘kyun, ho gaya na?’ and the other was the much criticised (atleast by all my friends, even my sister!!! thats surprising cos there are very few movies she dislikes:P) ‘Fida’. And I really have my own views about both movies. KHGN was a let down to quite an extent, though Vivek Oberoi was damn cute (as usual) and Ash looked really gorgeous(as usual again!!)… but apart from that, the movie was nothing special, was at times too sweet in fact.. so sweet that I , who usually is crazy about mush in movies, was relieved when the Amitabh Bachchan aspect was brought in!! All in all, total timepass, but just a one time watch (that too with a few fast-forwards)…

Fida, on the other hand, I found was quite an enjoyable experience (ok,ok…quit the sniggers…its ok)…I actually liked the movie, and contrary to what my friends think , Shahid Kapoor is NOT my favorite actor… ya , to be honest, he is kinda cute (i dont want any comments about that either!!!)… Ok, what made me like the movie was not really the start cast (which infact was awesome, it has Fardeen Khan too!!:)..), but the way the movie was handled.. Nice concept, nothing new, but fun… and good performance (even by the usual deadpan Fardeen), and interesting climax…. and before i start going the Nitai way (he btw writes awesome reviews…with much patience)…. the bottom line is I had fun watching the masala and time pass!!!

Am reading ‘Life of Pi’…good book, but I didn’t like the gruesome explanation about the zebra’s death:(….it makes me feel a bit sick…Btw, i remeber i once wrote I like only happy endings, and Fida, is a contradiction to that, but fact is, its also a happy ending according to my judgement, i just need all people to get whats they deserve,especially the negative characters :x…….

Writing case notes has become a drag these days, but I continue to write them, considering I am a regular victim in Dr. Panda’s class… and have even started reading chapters, and actually knew what to write in the past two quizzes(hehe).

The Paki delegatin came and went, and cant say it made much of a difference to me… I did talk to 2 of the girls… but thats about it… dint even attend the Kathakali performance (thnks to MBFS)…anyways

Btw, halfway thru this blog, I realised that my x key has started working again… seems to be as confused as I am usually… I broke my record and finished my 600 Rs. worth Escotel cash card in 3 days straight:(….. and that too for nothing in specific , general chat with mom… who calls me up everyday anyways!! I am horrible and dont deserve a cell phone, I have realised I am one of those people who need to look into all schemes for heavy phone users, before getting a connection again, and I should go postpaid, because I feel so lost now:(… with 2 Rs. balance in my cell!!!

Am having too many classes these days (quite contrary to what I thought), and I am not liking it one bit. But still I manage to watch too movies, and even re-rewatch a few episodes of friends (I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.!)… now thats me…

Anyways, if I dont quit this now and get back to either sleeping or CB, I am done for… the first option is so very better, but I dont seem to have any right to go in for what I think is better anymore (thanx to Mr.Panda ..grrrr)…so till then, Ciao

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  1. thanx for appreciating a very normal presentation done by me and yes ( i hate to say this ..) but Fida is actuallya decent movie….though shahid kapoor looks girlish but has a good voice to start with and puts a lot of energy in his…yeah he was okie…
    as far as cell phone is considered i have known u long enuff to say that u cannot just cannot resist urself from spending on it so just chuck it…as airtel says “express yourself”…
    its good that you are doing the CB thing as i am in no mood to do that …you might help me in it …i can chillax..:)

  2. Anonymous

    Hmmm.. VO is “damn cute”, SK is “kinda cute”… Who ain’t cute lady? Amrish Puri ?? :-)) Neway i kinda liked KHGN and i can never have enough of Bebo so u know how i feel abt Fida 🙂 Hey “Life of Pi” is a really cool read and didja know Night Shyamalan is filming it next..Its bound to be awesome..N i shant be a meano and rub it in over ur fone bills.. When was the last time i recharged..Hmmmm 😀

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