Am blogging cos I just saw that there have been more updates in the past few hours , than in the whole of last week put together…. all on a common topic ‘The IT seminar’…

This is not the only place, considering the amount of mails that have flooded the OCS… and the topics include:
1. How the seniors (thats us) messed up the event by not being present
2. How the event was ‘managed (or mismanaged)
The whole series was started by a rather practical mail by Smrita, who expressed her disappointment over the attitude of people who decided not to attend the event…. and believe it was good enough to make one feel guilty and rethink before absenting themselves in future. But this triggered of a whole series of mails , which were direct comments on how our batch is irresponsible, ok thats what I could make out of it…. Following this was another series which downright criticised the management, including the impromptu thankyou note.
I dont know whether I am in a position to comment about all this ,but I really think the juniors need to actually do something themselves before passing their smart alec comments.
They are better of not commenting on the management ir mismangement of events, after what was heard of their S con elections.. anyways , better not go into that….

Coming to other things, I regret not having taken FIS.. damn these people had so much fun!!! Thankfully , I did get a piece of the so talked about chocolate cake ( courtesy: DC).

We have just two more courses to go, with the ASP presentation ending today…. The excitement about going home is mounting with each passing day….

Anyways, should stop with this I guess….

P.S. This is my blog… I write what I want…

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  1. Anonymous

    Hamesha hota hai.. Juniors think seniors are irresponsible..Seniors value their time so dont wanna waste it..Chuck de..Holidays are coming soon..Dilli door nahin hai 🙂

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