Heights of irritation is what I feel at present!!! I mean what could be worse? After quite some time I have this sudden urge to blog, and so I in my half asleep state( which i will explain later), open my account with very high hopes of updating it. But hell, whats this!!! The ‘update’ link in the site does not seem to elicit any reaction from the page… yeah, you guessed it right, we lost net connection again!!! Its become a daily affair, and we dont have continuous net connction without these breaks at all!! So, here I am typing all this out on notepad….

Coming to my sleepy state, i just woke up after 2 hours of blissful sleep (that just sounded so tacky)
Ok, so I totally lost track of what I was rambling about, thanks to Rohan who had been hounding the computer for the past 45 minutes or so… Anyways, net is back, so thats one good thing…

Have the CB presentation tomorrow n the SM presentation the day after.So, after those I would finally be throgh with crappy presentations. Have been working at the CB report for the past two days. I dont really feel like it. Not that I have any problems working , but seriously, I didn’t mind working even on SM, but this is a pain. Not that the subject is bad, no, its probably one of the most interesting concepts and all, but actually it is the attitude of the Prof. Theres no pleasing the guy, and he has his own set of fixed views about each and everyone in class, and he makes it a point to emphasise those, and stick to those…. so when you know in advance what he is going to think of you individually at the end of a presentation, the very enthu to do anything for that matter dies.

Ok, then , but I am not here to get people to think of me in a particular way, am I? Nopes…. :)… am here to enjoy and make most of the remaining 6 months, and yeah even though my time here is coming to an end, this moment I actually want it to…. guess its true that too much of anything is bad:))…..


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  1. Anonymous

    “The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it” – Napoleon Bonaparte..Does this ring a bell ?
    Neway the blog jes complained that it was feelin’ neglected 😀 Or have u run out of dreams ?

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