I am through with 50% of my exams, within a short span of two days…. Have SM tomorrow, so in other words, am jobless today. But the exam that follows is definitely take some effort, considering its a Fin course PM,plus its UD’s , and its open book( which btw, should not make you feel any better if its a UD course, open book means tough paper:(…). The papers have been ok till now. MBFS was relatively the best, infact it was easy. ASP was kinda global for me, and so was negotiations. with loads of gyan. SM is going to be no different… hope the project component is helpful. Best thing is, Home is not far anymore.

Managed to watch Dhoom with quite a few breaks. Was a total timepass masala movie, so no comments. Am right now just dreaming about home, food, TV, friends , family and what not!!! Sadly though, not many of my friends are going to be around this time. Come to think of it, everybodys moved out , and none of our holidays match. Am really glad I got to meet everyone after summers… Thanks to my weekend visits home.

Cant believe I am actually reading nothing for tomorrow… problem is I have no clue what to read, and even if i do, I doubt if it will be of any use tomorrow. SM has been the most ‘I dont know what you can call it’ subject of the term. Was pretty happy with the rest though. And with chances of getting B2B next term, I actually have ended up with every subject on my wanted list this year. Am really thankful for this!!!

Am not planning anything about the hols at all… cos i know they are going to be one hell of a lazy affair, with me doing absolutely nothing of the preplanned list, if any. So i better stop thinking and just wait for them to start….


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