Ok, finally, my exams are through… and though my patience was stretched to the max by the three hour long CB paper, i managed to finish it, and not really bad either.

So its back to home fr a week , a bit more than that actually, and am really looking forward to it. Its been three whole months since we came back, and time just flew by… I never realised , the term just started and ended, yeah but i definitely remember our nightmare fortnight in june!!!

Looking back, the terms been pretty good, had good courses, enjoyed life, attended claases ranging from 1 a day to 10 a day, slept, watched movies, worked on scores of assignments, partied… actually did a lot, everything possible.

To think I just have two more terms togo in this place is actually slightly scary.Cant think about getting out of this small, a world in itself kinda place and working in some god forsasken firm in some stuffy city. But if thats to be considered, this was exactly how I felt when I first left home to come here, a place far from everywhere, 48 hours by train…whatever. But it seems so simple to be here now, so at home… Guess thats how I will speak about whereever i go later too..

Nyways, guess all this is enough for now, need to go, pack up, and get ready to leave!!! Home, here I come!!


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  1. Anonymous

    Stuffy – hehehe – I didnt know u wanted to work in B’lore 😀 Esp since i thought u wanted to do sales in Jharkhand or Orissa.. Make up ur mind 😀 😀
    Yday they screened ICE AGE in Star, Serendipity in Zee MGM and i was so confused – ended up renting a cute rom-com cd… Little Black Book.. Oooh that Brittany Murphy was chooo chweeet…U shud see it 🙂
    N ya, have a soooper doooper time at Dilli.. and do continue ur journal there.. Dilli times shud be an interestin’ read 🙂

  2. Do you mean to say, you didn’t see Ice Age AND Serendipity:O….!!!! Boy, u missed out on quite a bit, anyways, thnks fr the wishes, am leaving in some time…

  3. Anonymous

    when u r at home, watch few tamil movies..
    the new movies r
    1. vasool raja
    2. madurey
    3. kudaikkul mazhai..
    i was in india for last 2 weeks.. watched all these movies.. these movies r not very good.. but still u can watch once..

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