Am back…. after a looong break… from the institute and , with it, from blogging. So term v has begun finally… and surprisingly, I have every subject I ever wanted. Got the elective I missed out on initially ( and cribbed a lot about), and even got an additional marketing elective, which has brought up my total marketing courses to 7, which is A LOT!! I even have taken SCHM ,which i initially intended to drop. It is a course offered by Dr. Saji Gopinath, the best and most terrorising prof on campus…. am always having extreme views about him.. either am in awe of him, or really really scared of him. Actually, it would be more appropriate to replace the ‘or’ in the last sentence. I am both scared of and in awe of him. Lets see how I fare in his course.

Coming to other things, I am in a usual mood to crib and complain, its either about not having had enough time to spend at home , or about the fact that I have just 5 months left at K. Seriously I dont know what I actually want. The 9 days at home were awesome…. I did what I am best at… lazed to the max possible limits…

Have a pretty chilled out schedule with the minimum possible credits , and ER and SCHM being the only two scary courses. Classes haven’t really started and have had two days off in the past 3 days. Have a proper day with classes tomorrow ( actually have just 2 classes, but dont seem to have more than that usually)…

Really intend to enjoy this term . With an intention to go for a trip somewhere (probably some beach, as usual), and a friend expected come visit me this term, there is quite a bit to look forward to… Heres to another term at K!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    so back from holidays!!! hmmm….must have enjoyed. All the best for ur coming sem….

  2. who bells the cat?
    like i had told u before i really want to get into one of those hallowed portals of management.can u just tell me how much time it takes to prepare for cat?what are the ingredients required?what books do i need to read?one thing is for sure though i am going to get where i want to, i’d appreciate some tips from the stable ;).
    mood : bring it on!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey all!! Thanks for the welcomes, and the really irrestible news about mauritius!! Prabhakar, dunno how good I would be for advice, but anyways, will definitely give it a try…

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