Exhausted after four 5 hours of almost non stop classes… ok, not really non stop, but still an hour long break hardly counts. Had the first class of simulation modelling and equity research. The first which I took to be one of the easiest courses offered and the other , a supposed core fin elective, with a supposedly amazing prof. SM didn’t disappoint me, and the class was fun, and chilled out, infact by the end it was a bit too chilled out, and was almost monotonous. Equity research however came in as quite a shock. It was more of a behavioral sciences lecture for a never ending 2 and a half hours. Dont know whether this is going to change over the coming classes, cos i really dont think its possible to carry on a fin course like this for too long. Anyways, it does seem to have quite a bit of work involved though.

SCHM is off for a week, and that is a relief, though the prof has seen to it that we are kept bust through the weekend. One of my courses has still not started, and takes off next weekend.

Watched the K team massacre the DCE gang on BBC university challenge which was telecast yesterday. Though the result was long known , it was every bit as exciting to watch it. The K guys rocked!!!

Lil Sis has started blogging too. Lets see for how long she sticks to her ‘new hobby’. Miss home already and plan to book my tickets soon, so that goign home for December hols gets confirmed. Worked a bit at making my CV today, and to think its for the final placements makes me realise how little time I have left in this place. Have been watching quite a few movies and rewatching all possible episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I really wish someone would get the rest of them soon!!!

Am getting exhausted by simply typing , means desperately need some rest, so till then, Ciao..


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  1. It’s funny how we all feel like blogging when the workload is at its worst :p
    I think SM and ER are at opposite ends of the spectrum in every possible sense- let’s hope ER does change soon. Session #2 didn’t seem to indicate any shift in style…

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