Have become so damn lazy these days , that forget blogging myself, I dont even check out other people’s blogs these days, and to think that was one of my favorite passtimes recently.

Am in a dead state with every possible ache. Thats what happens when you dont move a muscle in 6 whole years, and one fine day start playing throwball for continuous hours. Yeah, I was on the throwball team for the IIMK-IIMB meet, and wonders of wonders , we won!!! One of the very few events where we performed well, and surprisingly the other was girls badminton. Were rogered by the IIMB team in the other games and that was really sad….but hey,atleast we won!!! It was probably one of the best times ever, and we won 2-0 straight. Lookin forward to the Bangalore visit now…

Was party time yesterday, and since I had missed the last one, it was almost two months since I ahd been to the typical K party… Cant say it was much fun, thanks to the awful back ache, but still managed to spend quite some time on the dance floor…

The to days practice at NITC was amazing fun. If going to Bangalore is confirmed, its going to become a more regular affair, and that again would be fun. This time hopefully, my muscles would get used to the eksercise and not stiffen like they have right now… its damn uncomfortable!!!!!

In other news, SDM classes have started and seriously after attending 4 hours, I still dont have an idea about whats being done, hope to get the book soon, that would make things a bit simpler I guess. The weekend has been relatively cool with the absence of the terrorising SCHM and ER.

My second 1000 Rs. card of the month is down to 71 Rs. , and this time I swear I have no idea how this happened :(… my Dad is going to freak out!!!

Have bunked the last hour of SDM , and feel really ekshausted even after a 10 hour long sleep yesterday night. Guess I will sign off and finish the remaining 71 bucks on my cell:D…..


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  1. Anonymous

    …as if getting pummelled on HOME territory wasn’t enough what makes u want to travel AWAY too ? :O
    Neway, does the IIMB throwball team have some cute girlies (If yes) Wud they be needing some cheerleaders ? Find out n lemme know will ya..
    – J

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