Just realised my blog entries never seem to have headings… wonder why? Probably its because I never seem write anything specific, its more of a ramble. Even when it comes to choosing current mood, I really am never sure , since I always seem to start blogging in one mood and ending in another.

Anyways, if I have the time to sit and ponder over these things, it can only mean that I am totally , completely jobless. That I am. Woke up on time for the 8 o clock class, and then decided not to attend, and continued sleeping. Sadly woke up a bit too late for the next class, which I later came to know, had been cancelled:D.. today is definitely my day!

Watched ‘You’ve got mail’ for the nth time yesterday, and enjoyed it just as much. I just love such feel good movies, they seem to take everything else off my mind, and suddenly I feel as happy as any happy character in the movie!!

Decided am not going home this december, but thankfully mom’s coming over. Am feeling sooo lazy that its tough even to blog right now..but I think I am going to try and blog more frequently in future. So, guess thats enough of an excuse to stop right now..:P


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  1. I too woke up for SCHM at 8 (was supposedly at that time for B), decided to sleep some more, and was damn kicked to find out later that it had been cancelled. Pray for more such days! 🙂

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