A brand new day!

Am back!!! After a break of 13 days!! And that too a meaningless, useless break. Well not that uneventful though. One of the major things that took place was the second leg of the IIMK-IIMB sports meet. Though there was an initial hesitation of spending the immediate two days before mid terms in Bangalore, it wasn’t a big deal afterall,owing to the nature of these exams (refer ‘s latest blog)…. and on top of that I had just two of them , on the same day and withing half an hour of each other. End result, they are over and done with , and am I glad!!

We fared badly in the meet, and lost in almost everything, well except men’s badminton (wherein Neel and Nikhli massacred those guys) and girl’s carrom, where me (yeah me…he he) and Bhawna defeated their team. Throwball was a major disappointment too. Well, overall it was a good experience, and we did have quite some fun shopping and roaming about in Bangalore, the two days! And the journey to the place and back weren’t too bad either, considering my bus journey history.

Yesterday infact was the last supposed midterm, in SM. It was the presentation of ur assignment for the subject, and has a weightage of 30%. Considering the usual presentations for this prof, all of us were quite chilled out, well until he picked five random members from each group to question, and obviously, my group had me called in. And the next twenty minutes were pure horror, with him denying any statement we made, and getting quite irriated if we ventured to explain anything. All through the presentation we were told that we hadnot paid much attention in class and infact deserved negative marks. Well, we really couldn’t help it. The other groups were told that they were bad but definitely better than us. One group even managed full marks….But the best thing was when all the presentations ended and he came out. The first things he said was that he was pleased with overall prformance of the class. And the next thing he did was to announce the marks, and as expected we did end up with the least.. And guess how much we got? 17 on 20!!!! That was the least, and the other groups were in an arithematic progression of 18, 19 and 20. So there, so much for all the sadness!! The prof is just unbelievably… i dunno how to explain!

My friend yesterday said that I was the most unpredictable person he had ever met, and that if I ever said anything about myself, he would wait for two weeks to reconfirm it and then believe it. This ofcourse applied only to my comments about how I felt, or what I liked. But anyhow, it felt strange. For someone whose known me for 4 years now, thats a rather funny comment to make. Special reference was made to my statements about K. While at times I seem to crib about how boring life was here, and how I really wanted to get out of here, my blogs and statements at other times make me seem so fully in love with the place.Infact, to think about it, it is kinda funny. But I guess its got more to do with the place than me, and nobody would know it, till they actually were here!!

So, yesterday was another night-out for me, and here I sit, at 7:40 in the morning blogging, not having slept the whole night. Well, its got a lot to do with the way I spent yesterday, slept the whole damn day, literallly!!! Watched  x men, and really enjoyed it, plan to copy and watch the second part today.

Am feeling really hungry right now, and thankfully I will be having breakfast after quite some time, I just cant seem to ever wake up on time. The view from my room right now is simply awesome…its so cloudy that I can hardly make out the hills… waise like I have said many times even before, the scenery is something I love and will definitely miss once I leave the place … dunno about the rest right now :p….

I usually find long blogs boring, and I think I should sign off.. Guess not writing for quite some time, does make one extra enthusiastic. Anyways, before I start about what else not writing for too long does… its Ciao


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