Am feeling kinda low today, and for once, dont feel like talking about it to anyone. The past few days have been absolutely free; no classes, hardly any work , no assignments etc. Its been that way for quite a few people i guess, but everyone seems to keep themselves busy somehow. Most of the people are infact busy writing the ITC paper. I seem to be the only marketing major not participating, owing to certain unavoidable reasons. Didn’t mind it much then, but right now, it definitely does not feel very good.

The only thing that seems to keep me going is the fact that I know I have my family and A to talk to whenever I feel like it. Guess these are the only people who are never too busy for me :)… and luckily they are the only ones who matter.

Last weekend was awesome. A had come over and we spent 2 and a half days totally free, lazing around, eating out, and in general catching up on the past 6 months. But again, its back to routine which seems nothing but total joblessness, and for once I AM NOT LIKING IT.

Guess its just 3 months to go, and then it will all change for the better:)… praying for this time to end..

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  1. Anonymous

    Sometimes we don’t really understand what we ask and the Good Lord ends up granting our wish…A mean bugger, he is 😉 and then by the time we see the whole picture, it is tooo late… Believe me, these are your last days of freedom / joy / call it wotever….Ensoii every moment…
    Here’s wishing u lots more awesome weekends..n also a safe Deepavali 😉
    ps: A really wise old man once said… its okie to wanna be left alone but its not okie to feel lonely….

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