Two days of ER, and I am almost dead already. Probably the only subject in second year which has had me staying up all night and getting an average 4 hrs sleep per day during the entire period the classes continue. Its been a pain, and on top of that we had our presentation stretching for 5 hours! And my poor back couldn’t really take it. Anyways, the course gets over in a couple of days, and am I glad! Diwali was ok types, but I haven’t missed home more. Went for Veer Zaara, and seriously found it too slow, well except for the last 45 minutes or so, which were pretty sentimental, and yeah, so as always, I enjoyed that.

Was reading a random blog and it mentioned Enid Blyton’s ‘Five findouters’. Reminded me very much of the hours and hours that I have spent reading and re-reading Enid Blyton stories. Starting from ‘Bed Time stories’ and ‘sleepy time tales’ to ‘The naughtiest girl at school’ and its sequels. Each book was delightful in its own way. Infact ,having read these books so many times,I can actually remember all Elizabeth Allen adventures at school.

 The next series was Famous Five, and though reading about the mysteries they solved was fun, more fun was reading about the unending descriptions of the food they seemed to carry around on camps and have during ‘high tea’. The way it was written, strawberry jams, buttered scones, apple pies, puddings and all seemed much more delicious than they would otherwise.

 But my all time favourites were the school series ‘Malory Towers’ and ‘St. Clare’s’. Both about girls’ boarding schools, reading about them always made me feel that I had missed out on a lot by attending day school. Midnight parties, dormitories, fooling the wardens, everything seemed to exciting to have missed out on.

 Another favorite ofcourse was the three book series of Enchanted wood. Still remember the adventures of Jo, Bessie and Fanny with Silky the elf, Moonface and saucepan man. Reading about the different lands that came to the top pf the faraway tree used to take away hours , but never got boring. Yeah , as obvious , I even read my share of Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys, but nothing could ever beat Enid Blyton. Infact I still make it a point to read a part of my collection everytime I go home. Spending all the pocket money on these books atleast has left me with a huge collection of the same.

With ER eating away all my time and energy today, I just wish I had a couple of these books here, and I know I would be all fine again. Guess I should stop rambling for a while. GG was right, I seem to blog only when I have maximum work on hand. Anyways, its ciao for now…..

The first Malory Towers book I read, yeah I started with the fifth…..:P



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  1. Anonymous

    hey, I used to love Enid Blyton too. And the faraway books have always been my favorite. I used to sit and dream about being with them on their adventures, esp slipping down the slippery slip, and eating toffee shocks and stuff. And of course, Malory Towers and St.Clare’s were like THE dream boarding schools i wanted to go to. Even asked my parents to find out where they were!! The next edition I picked up had a note about these being absolute fiction though 😦 And I loved Fatty and his disguises in the Five find-outers, didnt you?

  2. We all seem to be rediscovering Enid Blyton, dont we. Nothing can beat the passion with which i used to look forward to a new Blyton book. Do read the Willow farm series as well, its great, and beats the Famous Five in the description of its high teas.

  3. Anonymous

    Damn!! Now you have made me nostalgic abt blyton books. i must have read all the blyton books at least twice…….wondering whether we can convince the library@K to buy some of those :-))

  4. Anonymous

    I despised ppl calling Fredrick Algernon Trotville FATTY ? Poor kid… and somehow in this series, my sympathies were always with Mr.Goon…
    U shud also check out NODDY with that tinkling bell in his hat… ooooh…I think i’ll re-read all those kiddies stuff tonite…
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    – J

  5. Yeah!! How could I forget toffee shocks!! And slippery slip! And yeah, the Pop biscuits…. and even the Land of goodies!! Seriously makes my mouth water!!!

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