Another quiz… cos I am totally off for 3 days :P…..

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna


Author: The Girl in Blue Jeans

Eh, seriously, what would you know from here that you wouldn't from the blog. Go back. Read!

7 thoughts on “”

  1. Experimenting with colors.. yet again huh 😉
    This test is too sissy hence me staying off…Nething abt tigers or wolves n I’m game :-p

  2. I just cant seem to stick to one color or look for my blog!! Only problem is its kinda painful customizing the page, thts why I dont do it more often :D…
    p.s.: nekst on schedule, changing the user pic 😛

  3. Wake up late, skip classes, call collect and be on the phone for hours…In short, have a blast…
    Happy birthday brat 🙂

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