Today I turn 22 years and a day old :D. Yeah, it was my birthday
yesterday!!! And obviously, it was major fun! What with the usual cake,
pepsi, water and everything all over me!! The whole day however was
damn lazy, as I just attended my IB presentation and then decided to
treat myself by sleeping for the rest of the day, and ofcourse playing
text twist :p.We were supposed to have a match against hostel B,which
finally made all kind of excuses and got the game postponed for

But again, this is not a birthday blog. Lemme put it this way:

Once upon a time there was a well known business school. There were
several groups in this  institute. For eg: one called itself ‘BCD’
and there was another which called itself ‘MNO’. Now these groups
comprised of sets of people who found they had something or the other
in common. Again , a few of these groups (especially the ones mentioned
above) had members who themselves could boast of pretty decent brains.
But then , they had certain not so positive qualities of their

BCD felt it was a ‘fun’ group who could probably crack the funniest
jokes under the sun, play the funniest tricks possible and be the
coolest group , which cared a damn about what the others thought about
them. It took upon itself the onus of ridiculing anyone who didn’t
think much about their group, and even informing the general public
about them. And yeah, when anyone else even tried  to play a joke
slightly similar to theirs, they believed in letting everyone know that
they thought these things as highly juvenile (through highly mature
means like screaming)

MNO,  on the other hand , felt that they together formed the
brains of the institute. And thanks to them, the place able to manitain
partly the repute it had earned. Their favourite passtime when they
weren’t solving cases: snickering when others made presentations,
making faces when a colleague genuinely tried to answer any query put
forward by MNO itself and in general grinning away at the misfortune of
the others who were not so blessed as they themselves were, when it
came to brains (or so they thought).

And in this same business school there was a very intelligent student
called, say ‘HIJ’. Now this guy was genuinely very smart, smarter ,in a
very obvious manner than any other person on campus. And he never
needed to speak about it. His actions, in terms of achievements, and
everything else were proof enough for it. He knew stuff and that was
apparent from his case studies, his presentations, his summers, his
papers everything. Now, all this was actually the result of his working
hard. He put in major effort into things he was interested in. But
again, there were a few things he didn’t really enjoy, but then he made
up for them by trying to do things he was good at.

Both the above groups apart from their usual hobbies even took it upon
themselves to let the rest of the batch and HIJ know that he was
definitely not as smart as he thought. Or atleast as smart as they
thought he thought he was. The only way they could prove this was by
questioning his every assumption, every recommendation, every idea in
class. And also by laughing whenever he tried putting up a genuine
doubt.  It was a routine. All the others had pacts of helping out
each other in class. The groups totally differed in their usual
idealogies, but when it came to him, they united with full force, and
believed in saving the future of the institute and the country by
proving him wrong. And obviously this affected his group mates too.

But luckily for HIJ and his group, whatever the others did to prove him
‘not so smart’. went down the drain, and  he always got what he
deserved. So….the moral of the story is:

p.s.: I genuinely believe that whatever  the end result is ,
always depends on what stuff you are actually made of , and not what
you percieve yourself to be made of  : )

Disclaimar: The above story is pure fiction( whatever!!!), and any
resemblances to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental (again


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