Of late , I have noticed that I never seem to need any specific reason for being ‘upset’, ‘irritated’, ‘ frustrated’ or ‘low’. Everything would be going on fine, but I would realise that I am not so happy, and I can never pinpoint the reason for it. If I sit and think over this, it is infact a very nasty thing to do. Nasty because, I know that there are quite a few people around me who really try hard that everything goes on well and smoothly in my life. And they succeed in doing it. But I seem to negate all their efforts by just refusing to believe that I am indeed very lucky to be in the state I am. Guess it has something todo with the fact that whatever you have , you crave for more. I just hope I realise this now, and not when things actually are bad, and I miss the way I was before.

The term’s coming to an end. My exams start tomorrow, have two in fact and have read zilch for both , as usual. Have a presentation today in the evening, and that would have brought an end to Saji’s course, if he hadn’t brought in the rotten endterm.

Seen a lot of movies in the past week . ‘Frequency’, ‘Timeline’, ‘Somethings gotta give’,’ Replacements’, ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’, ‘One Fine day’ and a few others not worth mentioning. Liked ‘Frequency’ the best of all, followed by ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and ‘One Fine day’.

Laterals are on with full force, with companies picking up from the batch in huge bulks. Its really nice though it makes me feel even more nervous at times. Anyways, I just hope the trend continues!!

The ITC presentations were good. Didn’t get to attend horizons being a volunteer for attending ITC instead. The end of the events , as usual triggered a big number of mails on OCS( I know it no longer is that, but just can’t stop myself from calling it that). And as usual it started with our ‘awesome’ juniors cribbing about the seniors’ lack of participation. Its almost hilarious reading those ridiculous statements they seem to make, about taking the institute places etc. while their majority energy seems to be spent in finding faults with things. Anyways, it provides good entertainment , and its fun watching them making fools of themselves (refer : a juniors mail about Srini’s name missing from the achiever’s list). I wonder what their reaction would be if they were made to attend the placements ppts for us, like we did for our seniors. Should definitely be worth trying. On the positive side, they might me doing this to relieve us of the stress of exams , placements etc. , by providing us full blown entertainment and giving us a good laugh.

Anyways, thats enough for today. Blogging makes me sleepy ( heck, its tough to think of things which dont in fact :P) …. till then, ciao


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  1. Anonymous

    Koi Fariyaad simply rockssssssss !! U have good taste in muzik (pat on my own back)
    Okie, reg this thing abt feeling low / frustu for no rhyme or reason… Hota hai….Esp for you teenagers…Jes closet urself in a room, watch a very mushy movie, shed loads fo tears and u’ll get over it 😀
    Whats it with time travel movies and you this week 🙂 Is Timeline a movie adaptation of that stupid Crichton novel.. eeeeeks…I personally found the concept behind Eternal Sunshine really coool…
    All the best for your tests.
    ps: Don’t speak ill of ur juniors pls.. some of them are cho chweet… n pretty too :-)))

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