Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! My ‘x’ is working again!!!

Well thats the only good thing thats happened, other than that my ER and SDM exams are over, and that I got a whole day off, as there was no exam today, and tomorrow is just IB. And the horrible news, Saji’s end term is closed book, and post mid term syllabus, of which I know nothing. Thanks to all those classes i bunked thinking there was no chance of getting stuck , cos the exam was over… and now this!!! How I hate to be in such a situation ( well its the same for quite a few others, but still!!)

Anyways, I am not letting that spoil my holiday today, so am off to catch some sleep (again!)…


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  1. Anonymous

    Ekscuse me but the way you were excited, I thot Santa Claus had actually come down early with his sledge and reindeer… tch tch..So disappointing..
    N quite honestly, this X is so boring… I quite loved the ks 😦

  2. I know… it was a pain typing ‘ks’ and at times copying pasting the ‘x’ (only for the assignments though :P)….Hope it doesn’t ditch me again!!

  3. Yeah yeah! I once asked a friedn of mine to pass me ‘Eksmen’, and he said I had gotten it wrong, and it was actually ‘Xmen’..:(…How humiliating…. Ya, but am continuing using ‘ks’ with you… cant seem to get rid of the habit anyways! 😛

  4. Anonymous

    hi divya
    Thanx for the encouragement. i loved the look of ur blog..How do u manage to get so many visitors to ur blog 🙂
    Yor blog gives a nice peek into ur life..really liked it.

  5. Hey thanks from me too…. :)…about my visitors, they are the ones who probably stumbled upon my blog right when i started .. no new additions, but these are fun enough…!

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