With just one more holiday to go, I still have half of the ER term paper left. Obviuously, since I started it today. But well, am pretty happy that I am almost through with the cash flows part, and its just global crap that remains.

Holidays vanish too fast… damn I cant believe its 6 days already. Mom was here. and the only places we visited were all the restraunts possible in Calicut.Quite some people found it wierd that we didn’t go sight seeing inspite of having 5 whole days on hand. Dunno why, but it doesn’t seem wierd to me, doesn’t seem wierd at all!! Its been like this with me and mom always… even when I go home for a month, we go out for shopping probably for two days in the entire break, and still time just flies. Guess it has something todo with our ability to chat continuously for hours about every relevant and irrelevant topic on earth!! Whatever, I am home sick now….

Weather’s pretty hot out here, and I really want it to rain!! Inspite of what people said about getting bored with continuous rains in Calicut, I love it when it rains. Infact I miss rains now, and the fact that I might leave the place before it rains (I mean real heavy rains!!), makes me miserable.

Right from when I was a kid, I have loved geting drenched in the rain (well,who doesn’t?), and my mom’s always been dead against it (pneumonia, fever. whatever!!!)… but I always managed to find some of way of enjoying the rains thoroughly … For example, I would have definitely forgotten my notebook in class, and I would realise that after reaching the school bus which used to be atleast 100 metres away from the school gates. And then I had to rush back to class, to get it before the gates closed, and for that I would obviously take the route through, well, say te playground, or.. the assembly ground.. and then take my own sweet time to get it back ( and since by now I am thoroughly drenched , its no use trying to save myself from the rains).. so I have the book and an excuse for my dripping wet self at home:D….

It was even better when I got my two wheeler, cos then I would obviously start back towards home in the rain, as I would be afraid that it could get worse if I waited (though worse could only mean the entire city drowning , or probably floods)… Riding in the rain is even more fun, and at times the drops almost sting!!

However ,I realised the fact rains could be enjoyed without actually getting drenched only after coming to K. I mean its awesome just watching it all.. and the hills look gorgeous , with sheets (practically sheets!!)of rain beating down on them… And yeah, the awesome fragrance of wet earth…

hmm… this is what I would call rambling, and if I dont stop now, I am definitely not going to finish ER.. So till then, ciao…

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  1. Anonymous

    The day I become PM of India I will ban all farmers from cultivating bhendi.. and i shall strangle to death everyone who spells W-E-I-R-D as W-I-E-R-D :-(((((((((((((((((
    Who cares abt ER when we can get to read such direct dilse posts abt sthg as earth shattering as… errr… rains :-p

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