Ok… so am a bit pissed off. Well, not all of it is my fault, people around me weren’t very concerned about the way they were speaking to me, and hot-headed that I am, I obviously took it a bit too seriously. And again, thanks to the very same hot-headedness, I stomped off, and did exactly what I felt like doing. I know people tend to get upset, and a lil irritable when they are tired, or stressed or whatever, but that in no way gives them the right to talk the way they want, to the person most easily accessible… and thats exactly what happened. The worst part is that they did this on the basis of the so-called position of authority they are in, and then complained about ‘peoples’ attitudes’, while an attitude problem is exactly what I think they have….

Well, enough of cribbing, as I finally got my way (which somehow doesn’t give me the happiness it would otherwise have)…. till then, ciao


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