Enter 2005…


Am pretty late, but then didn’t have access to real fast net for
the past few days. So am back after a rather long vacation (well one
week is pretty long), from Bangalore. The week was great , but its nice
to be back. Again, the old thought that its all going to be over in 50
days is makes me want to enjoy it even more..

Bangalore was fun, good food, loads of TV, shopping, roaming about the
streets. Classes begin day after tomorrow. The term till now has been
extremely slow paced, with hardly any classes, though the situation
will definitely get better in the coming week, which seems to be

Am finally getting a bit worried about placements. Its no use thinking
, but then again, its me, and I love worrying. Well, not exactly, but I
can’t help it.

The bus journey was pretty comfortable,seem to be finally getting used
to these buses. But still do have a slight backache to recover from.
And then, I have decided not to stay up till too late from now on,
doesn’t seem to be a good idea anymore. So, I guess, I will hit the
sack now, and update in detail later… Till then , Ciao

P.S.: I am going to miss 2004, the most happening year in my life!!


4 thoughts on “Enter 2005…

  1. Anonymous

    Can I boycott this journal for a month for not even pinging a Hi when you came over here :-(( A week’s stay that too….Grrrrr..

  2. Ayyo sorry!!! Cell stopped functioning once I was there…( ridiculous excuse , I know!!), but somebody said they were going to gimme missed calls!!! Anyways, wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  3. dont worry…be happy..!!
    hey finally i am replying to blog….and first things first…dont worry about placements…we will make it together..:)…we have overcome so many things…subjects profs..hehehe…placements is just another thing….stay confident and composed. watch movies….sleep on time…read books(i need not mention this) but anyway…and most important..enjoy these moments…they dont last for long:D…

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