Am really happy right now;

  • Cause I got an A in
    Supply Chain!!!!!!  Yeah, the same course by Saji, about which
    cribbed like hell  in my blog before ….. Dunno how it happens,
    but I seem to do my best in his courses !!!
  • Cause I attended a class after really long, and enjoyed it. It
    was ‘Capital markets and Investment Banking’ , taken by a visiting
    faculty ‘Bigyan Verma’, and as it turns out, its a no-load, interesting
  • Cause I am getting a mess refund of around 1000 bucks, not much ,
    but this is the second time in two years, when I am getting back cash,
    instead of having to shell out more.

Hope 2005 continues this way!!!


Author: The Girl in Blue Jeans

Eh, seriously, what would you know from here that you wouldn't from the blog. Go back. Read!

5 thoughts on “”

  1. You get an A+ for ekscuses 😦 I am still like “Grrrr”
    Neway I didn’t kol since I wanted to save u some money as u were on roaming 😦 Missed kolls didn’t strike me (and this is a genuine C- ekscuse)
    ps: need your help on s’thg so can ya ping me on YM when u r free ?

  2. Can it be worse
    I have to say that anyone subjected to such a finance jerk as Bigyan Verma is sure to be pitied… he once got nixed out of XLRI as a Prof by the First year MBA students there!

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