Its January 19th, and by this time next month, our final term would be over. Thats something really big!! Well, the scary part would still be left, as placements start around 4 days after the term ends… but I choose not to think about them. People have started preparing for the finals, and that really scares the hell outta me!! The worst thing is that every day, I tell myself , that I am going to start reading, but its never consistent and so never really happens. Pretty sad, just hope I dont end up facing the repurcussions of this whole attitude.

Have been checking quite a few blogs these days, thanks my ‘no mid terms’ situation. This is what is called strategic selection of courses! Well, shouldn’t be too happy, cos I seem to have majority of my classes post mid terms, hope I survive!!Now, coming back to the blogs, a few are really awesome! I mean the heights of talent… simple incidents, and sequences, woven so magically, that you end up getting to read really classic stuff. Dont know how to paste links on my blog ( I am still quite technically challenged!!), or would have defintely mentioned a few. Btw, blogging, as it turns out, is an extremely good pass time and obviously an even better way to waste hours at a stretch. I am just really glad, that I got into all this… I know I am far from regular at blogging myself, but then thats not necessarily the fun part. I have friends to whom when I suggest browsing through blogs reciprocate with a ‘I am not interested in knowing other people’s lives’ or ‘I dont care a damn about what others think’, but then I guess its a matter of perception.

Have seen at quite a few places that blogs which have stuff like ‘I ate, read, slept’ are kinda boring, but for me, even those are pretty fascinating. I end up reading about the lives of people I don’t even know, and it isn’t even a tad bit boring. Infact, at times, I enjoy them even more than the humorous bits people write. Well, the best ones are those where, daily happenings have been written in an interesting way!

The year book for our batch is being compiled and I seem to find any discussion about it damn interesting. The participation is great, with people coming up with the wildest names for the book itself.. The comments part is over now, and I have gotten commented upon by exactly one third of the batch , 41 of the total strength of 123… quite a number to choose from! The countdown for the term end has begun , and there is this countdown sheet posted in the night canteen too:(.. reminds me that this whole thing is gonna end whenever I see it (which is quite a bit, considering the number of times I visit the place).

Was suddenly into reading quite a bit of fiction, and completed three books at a go. Paulo Coelho’s ‘Veronika decides to die’, and Dan Brown’s ‘Digital Fortress’ and ‘ Deception Point’. The Dan Browns were obviously good fun to read, especially since I am a sucker for stories with unexpected twists and turns.
But the surprise was ‘Veronika’. Didn’t expect to enjoy it much after ‘The Alchemist’, which inspite of the amazing reviews, didn’t impress me much. Some may feel that I lack taste in books, but then, its a personal choice, and I cannot bear too much of philosophy ever. But like I said, surprisingly ‘ Veronika’ was a real good read. Yeah, it had its own share of preachings and learnings, but the way it was written was much more interesting , and I thankfully didn’t have to read just for the sake of reading a book with a good review!

Another good thing I did this last week was watch two really good movies; ‘memento’ and ‘ Butterfly effect’. Both the kinda movies where you cant pause the frame, because its just too exciting. Especially ‘butterfly effect’ turned out be a really thrilling flick!! Cant write reviews and all, but if you haven’t watched them, please, please do…

Hmmm… that bout sums up almost everything I wanted to ramble about, so might as well sign off.. WOW! Writing long blogs is actually relaxing :P!!!…


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  1. Anonymous

    Okie, I think I will act as if all those ‘I-eat-I-read-I-sleep’ remarks are NOT about my blog simply because u still feel they r enjoyable and I am too honest to cheat myself abt such details :-p But hey, how come you never mentioned abt ‘interesting blogs’ to me – share the wealth teamie !!
    41 is one heckuva lot of comments..Either u r goddamn popular or ppl are out to get ur goat..Either way U r gonna have fun the day u read those comments (I assume u dont get to see them till D-day) At our place, each of us had one page where a max of 6 ppl cud write for you..and when there are more than 6 who wanna do it, u get to choose which ones to retain..Other than the football matches played in slush, I think the yearbook was the best part of B school 🙂
    ps: I hate doing this but were u aware that though ‘time pass’ comes with 2s’, when it becomes pastime its a single word without the extra S 🙂
    pps: I’ve read DBs other two..Now which one do you recommend me to go for – DF or DP ?
    ppps: I know this one is the longest comment u’ve ever seen in ur journal but I hope other readers realise that I need to do justice to all that money u pay me :-p

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, I have been frequenting ur blog for quite some time now, though hadnt commented till now…it is actually that thing of knowing other’s Life n seeing how they differ from ours…it is really surprising to find that it doesnt vary much….they quite end up doing the same…but still it makes an interesting reading…and beleive me its good to jus know people do the same thing some where else n its very different than what u do…Krish

  3. yeah thanks:P…. dun care about spellings n all nymore!!! btw, go fr DF, slightly better… and yeah , if u continue like u will defintely end up as a librarian, cos wipro is defintely not going to keep such a vella guy fr long.. so beware!!!

  4. u r right.. it definitely reduces any impressions about being the only person facing or doing a particular thing… btw, was just checking out ur blog.. for one you are far far more regular than me…. :)! cool work!

  5. Anonymous

    Ya…read Parkinsons Law right…it works perfectly with me…so Blogging has become a work and so it is pretty regular…but I couldnt understand this blog service provider…all my html codes appear in the preview page, but they are absent in the post..Krish

  6. Re: 41/123!!!
    Believe me, quite a few people have actually more than that… I quoted it here, cos it looked quite good :D… yeah, and don’t get me started on the maggi and chocolate shake!!:((

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