Its raining in Calicut:). Again. And I am so happy about it. Probably
because these are going to be by and far the last rains I am going to
watch from my room. And those rainbows from my balcony ofcourse! I am
going to miss all this :(..


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  1. Re: Placements time?
    Not really!!! But then am used to postponing things till the end… Thanks for the best wishes, need a lot of it… good luck to you too!!

  2. ‘Visible’ rainbows in Bombay or Delhi?? I seriously doubt that! About the company, guess I will place that condition as a prerequisite:P…

  3. Anonymous

    Ya…I couldnt possibly hope for a visible rainbow in Mumbai n Delhi…thats true…lets hope…for the company..well u can sure ask for it…

  4. Its me!
    Divya, I miss the the typical indian rain. Probably, If I were there, I would have been the happiest person coz I too like dancing in the rain. Awww!!! Please about a rainbow. I like the smell when it rains..
    Do you really like Beethoven symphony..?? I never heard the Moonlight it famous ? I am in to all kinds of Music. If possible just reply to my comment…anywaz I enjoyed the rain….

  5. @ Titaxy and Divz
    Guys! Did you see the date of that post?? It got highlighted on your reader because of some goof up I did with the settings today! This was 5 and a half years ago :)!

    @ Swaram Yes, Kozhikode, did my MBA there from 2003-2005! Was a lovely place 😀

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