If you look out of my balcony, all that is visible are hills stretching
across endlessly. And all of them are totally covered in green, mostly
with coconut trees. Being situtated on probably one of the highest hill
tops around, gives you a very clear view of the entire landscape. 
On really sunny days, you can notice that there are some patches of
green on certain hills which are definitely a different, to be exact ,
a darker shade of green. The difference is quite obvious, and you are
led to believe that probably the trees there are of a differnt kind
altogether. But the fact is that these patches keep moving… and they
are the result of  patches of clouds which cast their shadows on
these bits giving them a completely different colour. You can actually
match the size of these darker patches with the size of the clouds
directly above them. Its a beautiful scene, with you being almost at
level with the clouds, its like being on top of the world.

If you look out of the balcony at say 6 in the morning, the sight is
even more breathtaking. The weather is at its best, a cool breeze and
early sunlight. The hills are almost invisble, and all that shows is
layers and layers of white covering each of the hill tops. Its
impossible to believe that the clouds have actually descended so low as
to touch the hills. On top of that you can actually see a white mist
enter your room, and obviously these are the clouds on your hill top.
It stays this way for almost an hour, after which the early sun rays
clear your vision, and the clouds get back to their original position,
leaving the hills bare to the vision once again.

When it rains, you actually realise the magnitude of it all. While you
stand in the sunny balcony, you can see that the hills at a distance
are rather misty. Reason being, its pouring out there. While the sky
right above might be bare and cloudless, you can see the dark grey
clouds hanging low over the other hills. And obviously there are times,
when its raining where you are, and from the balcony you can see , that
at a distance , the sun is still bright, and the clouds still very

And then there are times, when its sunny and rainy in bits and pieces.
And then you look out of the balcony, and …. you see a
Rainbow!!!!  At times you even see two of them , parallel and one
above the other. With nothing to obstruct you view, you can see where
they begin and end,  the whole huge semi circle. And then is when
you see that every one in the hostel is in their balcony with their
cameras, to capture the scene forever. Its beautiful, not only the
rainbows, but also the excitement in the air. And thats what makes me
feel that leaving this place is going to be one of the toughest things
I have ever done.


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  1. hmmmmmm…..nice blog!! it is sad i cannot write the same because the view opposite contains the ‘beautiful’ generator room and also 4-5 chettas constantly doing the rounds and even more so…ummm…errr…’chettagiri’.
    still nice poetry.

  2. If you haven’t seen K, you are definitely missing something great!! Try to make it to here sometime (probably you should have come for Backwaters:()

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