Remember those slam books we used to fill for all our friends on the last day of school? That always asked for ‘happiest day’. or ‘happiest moment’. While I had most of my friends filling in ‘yet to come’ and the like, on my 12th class farewell, I remember having filled February 24th 1999 , as my happiest day.

There wasn’t anything big that happened that day. but I still can’t forget how really happy I was in the true sense that day. And it wasn’t that day alone, the entire week before that was awesome. It was when we gave our seniors their farewell. I don’t remember having put in so much effort for any celebration ever. Everyone was very enthusiastic about putting up an unforgettable show. I was part of a group dance , and the song was one called ‘yaarian’ from some unknown album. And the only reason we had chosen the song, was because we had strict instructions from our principal about no ‘movie song’ being played on campus. Also no songs were to have words like ‘dil’,or ‘pyar’ or their english counterparts!

So with great difficulty we zeroed in on this particular song and practised like hell! Not only after school or durimg breaks, but also on sundays in somebody’s house (or during the computers practical classes :P, guess thats one reason for me being technically challenged!). this song was mainly about friendship and had the music lifted from some english song (still dunno which one).

Also, we actually convinced our maths teacher about the importance of the occasion , and spent her classes making posters and other decorations fr the stage and the school. Apart from that, we bought individual cards for each of our 200 odd seniors , and wrote them 4 line poems (creatvity !!), some sweet, some mean, but all fun.

So, one day before the actual function, we were all summoned by the prinicipal and the ‘other’ maths sir, for so called auditions. We were 16 people in the dance , 8 guys and 8 gals, and when he came to know that the dance had guys and girls together. he totally freaked out! He said that the programme had to be cancelled and was not in accordance to the instructions given. We managed to convince him somehow that we would perform at the end of the 16 items schedule.

Well , on D day, the principal decided not to leave at all, though it was almost 7, and we ended up performing infront of him. Well, I had had the time of my life and the day ended with my ‘crush’ getting the ‘Mr. Personality’ award! What more could I want!
The dance however seemed to have had repurcussions that lasted a bit longer than expected:
The dance was a hit, the seniors loved it.
We got an hour long lecture during assembly the next day about ‘exceeding limits’.
Our farewell the next year, was a total disaster, with abt 3 items, 2 of which were bhajans.

Well, you can’t win em all!!

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  1. Anonymous

    Sometimes it freaks me that I have friends who were STILL in skool in 1999 :-p Hope you get a better farewell this time around 😉

  2. Hmmmmm……DI doing a lot of hard work!! was it bcause ur ‘crush’ was among the seniors??
    Still, now u r reminding me of the farewell we got!! in my school the juniors were banned from the ceremony!! so we had to entertain ourselves with stupid musical chairs and dances on hindi songs (no english songs allowed….tht in an english school) and a lame mr. and miss. swami vivekananda (the name of my school). will write more on this on my blog. am looking forward to this farewell as it will definitely be better than the school one!!

  3. so u read the blog. was the product of one of my mood swings. One of those had acually led to a guy being hospitalized. so i can say with confidence, i m starting to control it. nyways, will definitely write a ‘happy’ one next time.

  4. Anonymous

    Deja Vu
    Cool! I could relate to your happiest day incident quite well. Our school was also quite prudish in such matters. But breaking these artificial barriers is what you feel thrilling as a teenager. Hmm, you really took me back there. Thanks.

  5. Re: Deja Vu
    You are right, infact I am sure it was the rebellious way in whch finally did what we wanted to, is what made it even more enjoyable!

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