Hmmmmm… decision making is so tough… Should I sleep or blog , point being its 6 :10 in the morning? Well, when I have ever cared about that!! So guess I will continue with this.

Its 28th February 2005, and in 2 days time, I will be on the train back home, leaving my home for 2 years behind forever (if you dont count the days for the convocation). It really deserves to be called home, considering apart from the really short breaks after each term that I went back for, and the summers stint, I have been here all the time. And leaving it actually is very painful. I have had the best possible time here. Had my own share of fights and fun, highs and lows, but in the end it all accounts for two perfect years. Two years of complete freedom, in an awesomely diverse batch, with its share of nerds, mischief makers, bonds, chimneys, guzzlers, CP masters and sleeping bags (yeah, theres my contribution!!!).

Its not very difficult to remember the apprehension I faced when I reached this place for the first time. Having reached one day before almost everyone else in the batch, I even got one of the best valley facing rooms. I still can clearly remember how totally awestruck I was by the view from my room, which looked even more unbelievable in the pouring rain.

I remember having met my balcony mate for the next two years the same day, how I accompanied her to meet the seniors and how quiet I was the entire time. She still tells me how she thought of me as this ‘seedhs -saadha’, quiet girl, and how very soon she realised her misjudgement :(.

I remember how a few of us had taken a walk around the campus in the evening , and were trying to make out how huge it actually was, and how beautiful.

I also remember the first class we had here, where the professor took a surprise quiz on a chapter we had been expected to read ( according to the predistributed course outline 😦 ), and how I had totally screwed it up. I also remember having seen this other guy talking to the professor while I submitted my almost entirely empty answersheet, as to how he had read another chapter by mistake. I remember having been totally upset by his ‘nerdy’,’geeky’ attitude, and then having been best friends with him at the institute.

I remember attending endless meetings for the Operations course and not getting a word of what was being done. I remember having been asked questions by the professor in every class, and dreading the course. And then I remember having scored the highest marks in the end term, surprising the batch, the prof, and most importantly myself, and yeah, then being extremely happy about it. I also remember the first C I got and how bad it felt.

I remember sleeping late at night and missing the early morning classes.I remember having slept through endless lectures, be it any course , any prof or any row in the class. I even remember having been nominated for the sleeping bag award and then losing very unfairly to the DJ.

I remember being terribly upset when I couldn’t clear an interview on the first day of the summers process, and equally elated when I finally made it on the third day. I also remember how those two days were total hell for me.

I remember having an awesome time during term 2, with hardly any courses. I remember the trip to Kovalam, which was probably the best trip ever.

I remember the trip back home in December. I remember how about 24 of us travelled the train and were usually found cramped in one place. I remember how we almost froze in the cold, the number of blankets being limited. I also remember having gotten down at a station at 4 in the morning and having Ice creams the same day.

I remember the num,erous meeting we attended for deciding on electives, and how grades matterd a lot for the first time.I remember how the third term passed really fast, and very soon we were all packing up for summers. I remember how scared I was to go stay alone in another city, but finally made it. I remember how I started blogging there for the first time and got addicted to it for quite some time.I remembber how I missed K and wanted to rush back immediately.

I remember how the very fact that we had just one year to go made me want to enjoy as much as possible. I remember having a lot of free time, watching loads of movies, and partying. I remeber staying up the entire night dancing like crazy and waking up late afternoon or evening the next day.

I remember how I felt that time was passing a bit too fast. I remember how the entire three terms flew by , and very soon we were busily preparing the CVs, deciding on companies, and attending PPTs. I remember how the last term was more or less only about placements.

And there are so many other things I can never forget, but cant seem to remember at this hour in the morning. That doesn’t make them less importanat in any way. The two years were so fast , and so full, that it is impossble to quote every thing that happened, infact , its impossible to even quote the ‘biggest’ happenings, there are far too many! Each day has been an experience, and each minute precious, and I can’t understand how its all ended so fast. And the realisation dawns the most when its almost time to leave. But the underlying fact remains unchanged, every person I met in these two years, every moment I spent in here, has been able to make my life much more different and better than it ever was. I will miss K!!


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  1. Anonymous

    IIM K hmmm not bad!!This is pretty poison from rediffblogs.I want to follow in ur footsteps.I agree its not unconventional but coming from a community that I do where all the jobs ppl can think of for a girl is either medical or teaching,it IS!!

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