My last night on campus. And here I am in my room, listening to my music collection, blogging and munching on Cadbury’s Celebrations ‘Raisin Magic’. And its scary to think that this is never going to be the same again. I return the LAN chord tomorrow, so it is good bye to 24 hours of net, chatting, and blogging for a while. Infact its good bye to a lot many things. Dont feel like listing them out now. So, with this I sign off for a while, hoping to be back soon, with a lot more new and nice things to blog about.


9 thoughts on “Goodbye!

  1. Anonymous

    good yaar…cleared ur mba…got a day1 job..and u bet gurgaon is not a bad place to live…seems God is happy…congrats..luck..bye

  2. Anonymous

    The first week without 24 hrs net was the closest I ever came to going insane – purely my opinion though 😉 – Wonderin’ how u’ll manage…Of course there is that cell phone but still…
    Neway dont sob too much…U r gonna love work so much that memories of college will soon fade away. ATB !!

  3. Anonymous

    Came across your blog today. Its a nice one…
    And congrats on your GE job. Nice work. Heard its a great place to work. Three of my friends have gotten it there this time. Should be fun I guess.
    Cheers and ofcourse remember the college days. One can’t forget them I guess…
    A Confused Soul…

  4. Re: hello
    Hey, thnks a lot… I know Prosonjit’s joining GE too… :), (you are from IIML right??) I think I have defintely visited your blog before…

  5. DI,
    This blog (and mine, when I resuscitate it) will probably become the most practical ways for us to keep in touch now, so keep writing. Hope you’ve had a safe journey and are enjoying home… see you in Mumbai! 😀

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