I can’t let my blog die, and then blogging’s so muchhhhh fun!!! So, here I am, reporting from Home this time. Life in general is fun, and all I do here is hog, sleep, watch TV , hog more, and sleep again (but then , come to think of it, what else have I ever done before :D). I leave for Bombay again in 2 days time, and I haven’t felt lazier !!! But the only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I will be back home soon, this time for longer. Expect to have a real freak out time, considering all my friends are going to be here too.

But then again, blogging in a Cyber cafe is a pain. So, I think I will get back to my resting period again till my PC is back home . So, till then, Ciao.


15 thoughts on “Hey!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    Bloggin from cyber cafe is pain…I know how it is..tried it during summer break..thats the end of bloggin from cafes..but then when are you joining???

  2. Home is where the heart is
    The heart still is at IIMK
    I will be leaving Home in two week’s time… forever…
    Can’t say I share your joy.
    (Waise, life here after classes are over is also the same: TV, Hog, Movie, Sleep, Hog, Movie, Sleep; Put in a Blog, Browse, Chat there somewhere also :P)

  3. enjoy your days at home…gurgaon heat is waiting ….but u are lucky to get an AC job…i really miss K and those movies watching together all night….i want to start all over again and still miss those canteens and fights:P

  4. Anonymous

    Hey…true…had seen that in summers (though I started blogging just from the fag end of my summers)…
    Just curious…you seem to be a tam. Which place in TN are you from? Am from chennai and today we had our Convo. Would be reaching Chennai on 16th and have time to kill till July 1st!!! Hence asking..
    And do not let blog die…its a beautiful page of one’s life that portrays one’s real feeling without bias or niceties or even politically correct language. Let it remain…
    A Confused Soul.

  5. Anonymous

    1.”I am dying…I am dying..Someone save me” – De blog
    2. “You definitely are NOT Tam 😉 But I am Tam – and have loads of time to kill at office.. So mind blogging more often 🙂 ATB for Cap 1 or wotever in Mumbai..Ensoii the royal treatment !”

  6. Done worry…. everyone feels the same,just tht the royal treatment at home is so awesome!! And the good food too, but theres no browsing chatting here, just abt once a week:(

  7. Anonymous

    Re: hey
    Am a TAM definitely!!! Inspite of what anyone (read comment below), says. But am more like a tamwhose family’s been in then north fr three generations… so place needs confirmation:D. Dont think will stop blogging anyways… 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Re: hey
    Nice to hear that…Me too…got the tag of a Pseud Tam from the Authentic Tam Gang of our batch…but then nevertheless, can read and write Tamizh as well – hence passed along quite well…
    Yeah pepsi, its right. And never mind about Cap One. GE is a great job. Where are you in GE?? I mean in GE money or GE Commercial or GECIS??

  9. Anonymous

    Re: hey
    Dei Pepsi Narasimha… Neeyum bayangara vetti pola? Good good.
    Congrats Divya for Gecis placements. Ensoi time at home. You wold find it real tuf to kill time at home. Heard Ge is starting early in May…. You would be having a couple of guys from iiml too joining gecis, and you would definitely have a great time there, from what I here…
    Venkatachalam R (http://theultimatereality.blogspot.com)

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