Back again..

Am back again, and I really have no clue as to for how long…Its just that , today for a change I felt like blogging again. Well, life has been pretty monotonous and highly relaxed. Thats the best part of staying home. Since joining is still 38 days away, theres still plenty of time to enjoy these last few days of freedom, before stepping into an entirely new way of life.

 I have always been comfortable sticking to a particular life style, and hate it when it changes the moment I am well settled in it. Two years were too short a time to spend at an awesome place like K. Anyways, I have actually managed to stop thinking about life at K 24 x 7, and now it comes more like in bits and pieces(especially while scanning through the numerous pics).

Anyways, joining being on 16th may and location still not known, the only thing I pray for is that it is Gurgaon. The other options (Hyd and Blore) are a bit too far , and after staying at such huge distances from home for the past 5 years now, I really need a change, somewhere nearer home.

Would really want to extend the hols for as long as possible, and the only thing that makes me atleast slightly enthu for work life is probably reading  ‘s blogs, and I am sure the trend will continue once   starts work too. However, whatever it is I just hope its not too bad. Like a friend once mentioned, however good work might me, its never going to be even comparable to life in a Bschool. To think I left the best two years of my life behind , is not exactly a nice thought.

Anyways,  and I know for once that if life at work is even half as good as it was K, I would consider myself really lucky. And I really hope I am a lil more frequent with my blogs in future (its sheer laziness!!). Till then , Ciao…


4 thoughts on “Back again..

  1. Hey DI, nice to see you back!
    What happened to the slight alteration in job profile that a common friend of ours mentioned to me? 🙂
    And B’lore wouldn’t be that bad; it looks like a lot of K people will end up there!

  2. Hi! Well the alteration, if any would be told only after the initial common training period, so not a very big deal. Anyways, nice to see you enjoying work life:)…

  3. Heeeey! Look who’s back!
    Hell yes the (blogging)trend will continue :P!
    And enjoy each one of those 38 days… I have less than 10 left as of now 🙂

  4. Hello!!! Dunno if I would have been happy if my hols ended so soon, infact even may mid is too soon, I just look at GG’s condition to feel better in fact!!!

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