As promised to myself , am back again. As it turns out , I cant have a broadband internet connection at home, as the sify guys feel there are too less people who want it in our area. Some reason ha!

Anyways, have been watching a few movies. Saw ‘Mitr-my friend’ today. No clue how I missed out that one before. Really nice movie, to the point, nice soft music, and good actors. All the emotions had been well dealt with, and not a single scene could be pointed as unwanted or extra. Shobhana, as the frustrated, bored housewife from an Indian town settled in the states for 18 years , was as good as expected. Nasser Abdullah as the busy husband was also perfect for the role. Lastly , their stubborn 17 year old daughter. All these characters , and throw in a Tamil family background, some emotional sequences, and the net and the movie becomes a complete entertainer for some one like me.

Well, that wasn’t supposed to be a movie review, so I should stop at that I guess. Thats all for no, I hate this cafe!!! Till then, Ciao..


3 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    …and you call this a post…Nooooo…you can do better re…how about entertaining us with ‘your experiments with cooking’ or sthg to that tune…Its so boring here 😦

  2. You’re learning how to cook??? Oh please, please, please take a photo of that and post it on your blog!
    *pointing and laughing*
    No wonder the vacs aren’t boring for you! 😉

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