When I was in school, after the summer vacations, April was the best month of the year. We would have gotten our year end results by march end, and have a break for about 10 days till the first week of April. Then the new session would begin and so would the excitement. I always loved school during those days, when the text books would be brand new, and the note books totally bare.
Sitting with my parents and younger sister on the weekend before re starting school and covering each of the books carefully with brown paper was fun in its own way. However, our ( mine and my sisters) contribution was limited to picking labels of our choice and deciding which ones were to go on which book.

Then first day at school was always great fun. Meeting the same friends after a 10 day break, discussing what we did over the holidays, deciding where to sit in class, and how fast to go if we wanted seats of our choice. Getting to know the new class teacher firstly give out the timetable. We used to put in a huge effort to draw this out neatly in the ‘Rough Notebook’. And thankfully so, cos this would be the only so called ‘neat’ work in the book, since the rest of the year, the notes would be used only for playing ‘Bollywood’, or ‘Rockets’ in class. The remaining day would be spent meeting the other teachers having scheduled classes that day.

There wouldn’t be any exams in the next 5 weeks of school after whicj we would push off for the summer break, so they used to be absolutely worry free. All the teachers would give free hours without hesitation and we would have an awesome time and completely freak out.

May was the same in terms of classes but by then the heat would be worse. April in terms of weather in the north was also heavenly. School would start at 7 when there would be a cool breeze and finish at around 1 in the afternoon when it was defnitely very hot. But even that wouldn’t stop us from playing in the grounds till about 2 when the bus would finally leave, and the driver woukd resort to threatening to leave us behind if we took any longer.

Coming home , and having lunch while reciting the entire days happenings to mom was a routine. And with two people trying to do it at the same time, it was also pretty confusing. The afternoon nap followed by the home work session never seemed very painful at that time. Evenings in April were again very much looked forward to, to rush to the streets and join the other children from the colony and play till it started getting darker at around 7. Coming home to a glass of cold water, watching TV with Dad, dinner with the family, packing the books for the next day, polishing the shoes, and finally going to bed exhausted but happy, and looking forward to the next day.

As I sit at home enjoying the last few holidays before I start working, I cant help but think that school life was so much more wonderful than I ever realised.


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  1. I’ve been getting a little nostalgic about school myself lately.
    Nice post, particularly the part about brown-paper-wrapping new notebooks! I used to love that.
    I liked the timings in school in Delhi- get up early, finish by afternoon (no afternoon naps though), complete homework and that leaves the entire evening free for badminton/cricket… but in Bangalore, school consumes the whole day, with a long lunch break and classes post-lunch, which I never liked.
    Bring back the old days! Heck, bring back the K days even… 😀

  2. Anonymous

    Shittt….I am weeping.. and I swear its not crocodile tears.. they are tears of nostalgia…
    Could relate to everything starting from the sticker labels to getting desks of ur choice (for me, I HAD to get the last desk)…For guys, the first geometry box is a HUGE thing and for me the day I quit my cycle rickshaw and went to school all alone in bus (std 6 I guess) was immemorable….
    I was also fortunate be in a school which experimented a lot with timings.. started out with 9:30 to 4:20, then it became 9 to 3:45 and then for some it was actually 8 to 1 (which was absolutely wowwwwww)…
    …and the summer of 95 is the bestest I’ve had.. shucks, enough rambling !!

  3. why r u posts always nostalgic?? Still, the first thing tht comes to my mind about school is the getting up at 6.15 am to get ready. tht was a major pain!!! then comes the reciting to morning prayers and our national anthem during which time majority of the class(and the teacher erself sumtimes) wud be yawning like their life depends on it. this routine continued for me for 14 years!! really miss it!!

  4. Okay, not to sound like an echo, but I did blog about something like this a half-month ago :). hhjk.
    But you’re right, nothing to touch educational days, even though we never spent any time getting educated. I also never had the brown paper hassle, the uniform hassle or the exam hassle.

  5. I’m sure every one loved the brown paper and labels bit, as also thumbing through fresh new books. On the first day of school, another topic of conversation in the bus and before class would be the question of who our new teachers would be. Most teachers at school had a reputation, and we hoped that we would not get the strict ones. There would be several patterns and predictions like this one always teaches F section…this one doesnt teach more than 2 sections of class 7 blah blah blah….

  6. Anonymous

    I lost the ticket and got into a soup on the very first day 😦 Had jes about enough money for another ticket but not enough for the fine (which the conductor was threatening me with)
    Unforgettable or immemorable, depending on how u see it 😦

  7. conclusion
    all i can make out from the blog is that you ppl did go to school… he he …jus kiddin..
    i liked the scent of the new books.. esp trying to have a snick preview of the later chapters and concluding that this year its gonne be tough
    i used to love and laugh when teachers used to tell us “our section was the naughtiest”.. (something i guess they said in each section).. also when they said ” last year it was easy going, but this standard you will have to study hard if u want a career/good foundation” … the same dialogues repeated year after year.. he he

  8. Anonymous

    nice post … seems all people who are finishing their student life are getting emotional.
    hate this site not to let me comment in my name though

  9. well believe me, am getting nostalgic about almost everything thats happened during ‘those school/college/K days’… thats the reason why I thought everyone needed to bge reminded of them:(..

  10. I cant seem to help it at all Mhatre!!! Everything I start normally, ends up becoming nostalgic somehow, guess its becos of the vella time I spend thinking about ‘those days’ these days..

  11. yeah totally, wishing for the better teachers was obviously a very important thing I forgot. Waise, Looooooooooong time no hear, hows you doing??

  12. simply because my school did not believe in stuff like that :). I did not have uniforms throughout; no exams till the ninth standard, no funda of covering books etc.
    Pretty much the reason why I turned out the way I did 🙂

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