Ok, I am posted at Hyderabad for the next 12- 18 months. And I dont want to believe it at all. And its all thanks to the ’emphasis I supposedly laid on my interest only in a pure fin role’. Gurgaon, supposedly, is at a ‘plateauing stage’ and there are no ‘challenging’ projects to be offered. So my first project’s going to be something of an ‘Asset risk management’ thingie for GE commercial Finance division , details ofwhich will be informed to me later. Alls well, if we remove the Hyderabad angle. What the hell am I expected to do in this place where I spent three damn years of my graduation, but still could never get used to.

Anyways, enough of cribbing I guess. With just about 15 days of holidays left, I am feeling downright miserable. In hyderabad to collect me degree certficate, I might get to meet a few of my collge friends. Was waiting for confirmation of the location of my job till now, and finally got it today. Only saving grace is that it isn’t Jaipur or Kolkata which were equally probable locations. I would have definitely died there!!

Life otherwise is just static. Nothing much to do. Got the convo pics developed today and obviously was reverted back into the K nostalgia mood.Will take a long time before I get rid of that anyways!

Thats it for now I guess, seem to have conveyed my frustartion well enough, till then , ciao


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  1. “plateauing stage”….seems like GE is up to its ‘oral farting’ thing (sorry for the explicit language)!! Anyways, best of luck on your project. Hope you do not sleep during work!! Likewise, hope i do not sleep during work!!

  2. Pics? Convo Pics? Please please please tell me how I can get my hands on some!
    About Hyd, a lot of K people will be there; that might alleviate some discomfort. Enjoy your last two weeks… Your Highness.

  3. Anonymous

    You’ve GOT to be kidding. I thought u’d have given an arm and a leg to be posted in Hyderabad….*scratching head in confusion* Am I at the right blog ?
    And I thought I was a huge cribber :-p

  4. Anonymous

    the challenges in a pure fin role..;)…kinda makes me feel better in going for IT…Hyderabad shud have changed for the better in the past two years…all the best!

  5. I think this is a good thing, at least work-wise. GE Com. Fin should be really good, proper fin, as you’ve mentioned. And Hyd can’t be that bad… you have Baker’s Inn, Nanking and Universal Bakery, not to mention Walden and plenty more… 😀

  6. Heyyy, look whose here! I really hope its changed for the better. You BTW, am sure are looking forward to having a great time at Blore, right ;)??

  7. These were the pics I got clicked during and after the convo, all hard copies… anyways, came to know of the K junta at Hyd today morning when your’ class at IBM ‘ got postponed from 9 to 10 😀

  8. Now when you mention all that… it certainly seems much much better…. :D… waise itsn’t Hyd thats bad, its just that its not Gurgaon:( , and not closer home:(

  9. Anonymous

    Me too got worries about broadband. But Good Ol’ VSNL didn’t give up on my area and Voila! Am back with a good broadband blogging!!! he he he
    As to me, am at home, counting days when to join and what to do. Getting bored and get sick, when friends would be richer by two months’ salary!!! booo hooo….
    Well have fun and all the very best for the job.

  10. Anonymous

    hey divya,
    when will u be coming over…near 7th and again near 15th we’ll be having those Alumni-fresher’s meet in hyd. Thot u’d be interested in attending the same. Do give me a call if u r, on 9885676314…
    anyways GE Com Fin shud fun…i’m, training here in GE CW and the place is not that bad after all 🙂

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