Ok, If I were to find words which would aptly describe my present mood , they would be ranging from irritated, angry, upset, to sick and frustrated. But since I have decided not to let everybody and anybody bother me anymore especially about things which I can do nothing about, I am just going to let it go, and think about things much more interesting.

Firstly, lemme get on to some of the latest Hindi music, which has caught my attention, either cause its so awesome or cause it cannot be called music in the first place. Of the recent releases ‘Piya Bole’ from ‘Parineeta’ is definitely awesome. Sonu Nigam, as usual rocks, and the music is so very soothing. Then theres ‘Woh Lamhe’ from ‘Zeher‘ . Its by a new group who call themselves ‘Jal’. The song also has this really catchy Remix version, which is equally good, if not better. Coming to the fast numbers, ‘Tauba Tauba’ from ‘Kaal’ is pretty decent, but dint like ‘Kaal Dhamaal’ much. Also, Kunal Ganjawaala’s ‘Channa ve’ is really really cool.

Coming to the bad stuff :(…. where do I start. Ok, theres this  super frustrating song in ‘zeher’ which goes like ‘Agar tum mil jaao’, and everytime I hear it, I go into a deep depression, its so PATHETIC. I just hope I dont hear it today, given the mood I am already in, I will never ever recover. Then there aresuper patheitc songs from super pathetic movies like ‘jaane hoga kya’ and ‘kya kool hain hum’, and I better stop this here, as I am already deeper in the dumps now!

I have become a complete TV addict now. If not Tv, its movies on the comp. Its horrible, how I keep watching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and the same music videos over and over again. Well that decides that one of the very first purchases I am going to make, once I start working is  television. Another fun thing I have been doing is re-reading my Enid Blyton and Archies comics collection:D, something that never bores me.

Am busy with the last days of shopping and packing, before I leave for Gurgaon on the 15th. Just for a week though. After which its back to ‘Good ol’ Hyd’. It is Good ol Hyd now, guess I have finally made peace with the entire situation, and have decide to enjoy myself there, should’t be that bad , huh??

Thats it for now I guess, and seriously, am feeling so much better( and less irritated, frustrated , blah blah blah…), than when I came. Till then, Ciao…



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  1. Hmm, I was glad to see your mood improve as you typed this post!
    Can’t say much about the Hindi music, as you can imagine. What’s your take on Hazaaron Khwaishein? (if I’ve spelt it right)

  2. Did you miss out ae bekhabar… (Zeher) I loved this song.And some songs of Lucky also seemed hummable to me…may be the tastes are different.
    Does the sadness of “agar tum mil jaao” has got something to do with Shreya Ghoshal’s sound??

  3. Nice to hear from someone who is bored and irritated with this enforced vacation!! Also nice to know sumone who hates tht Zeher song!! I feel like killing myself when i hear tht!!

  4. Anonymous

    “I feel like killing myself when i hear tht!!” .. mankind’s prayers have been answered …, a song from God himself ;-P

  5. Anonymous

    Hi…back in Hyderabad is it??…welcome Home!! ;-)..So how was Gurgoan??…Hope u enjoyed ur training there..

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