Blogging after a long time. Its kinda funny trying to do it from office where even opening an NDTV site for checking news is supposed to be breach of intregity. Shouldn’t be doing it but since my log in id etc got configured today finally, fely like checking out the net. And all mail sites being blocked, this was the next resort.

Its been a week and a day at the Hyd office and two weeks and a day at the company. Gurgaon was more or less total timepass, and included a very comfortable stay at the guesthouse with 24 hours room service. Also it included a trip to Jaipur which was good fun. Staying at Park Plaza, was an experience in itself.

Cant really say the same about Hyderabad though. Firstly the guesthouse sucks, when compared to the one in Gurgaon. Second, timings at the office are highly erractic. Have stayed till 4 AM in the office at times:(!

Only saving grace has been the fact that I have atypical day shift as against all the others who seem to be reporting at weird timings ranging from 4PM to 12 AM. Me :), it is a 9 to 6 or 10 to 7 job, as per my comfort… cool huh?? But since work hasn’t started yet, and I need to meet different people in the office, I have to report according to them …

Another matter of frustration has been ACCOMODATION @ HYD, which I assumed to be ‘verrrrry simple’ for some unknown reason. Travelling across half the city the entire weekend proved things to be otherwise. Also, the situation not having changed from where I was 2 days ago, and not being to able to think how I can actually do it at all, is highly irritating.

Met a few friends from K this weekend, and that was kinda nice. Also it helped me know that looking for a ‘totally furnished’ house was kinda unreasonable, and that there were other options like getting the house furnished @ 3500 Rs per month (courtesy : Vohra). So since the scope has kinda broadened now, things might (I hope) actually get better. And they better get better, if I am expected to stay at Hyd for even one day after the next weekend!

Troubles wont end once I get an acco too, considering then I have to work upon how exactly I intend to procure food from everyday, since I quit the cooking sessions too soon to actually make something that would help me survive. But then atleast I would have some place to sit and mope about that next.

That should be another story, lemme get some shelter first:(…(what has the world come to, I am not even in a position to get my basic requirements for survival fulfilled! Sob! Sob!)


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  1. Anonymous

    take me down to the paradise city wher the grass is green and the gurls are pretty πŸ˜‰ (ref. GNR paradise city πŸ˜‰ ..or bade bade deshon main aisi…:p

  2. Acco Hunting sucks.
    It’s best if you talk to people who have just found acco in Hyd.; they often have leads which they have stopped following up on when they finalised some flat for themselves. Also, roam the area you’re looking to get a flat in. Check the locality and all for basic necessities, safety, dogs (very important! you dont wanna be awakened at 2 every night by the barking of a thousand dogs…), etc.
    Also, if you are indeed looking to stay in a flat on a long term basis; buying furniture and stuff would definately work out cheaper (Courtesy: UD “Lease vs. Hire Purchase” :D)
    As for food, the best thing to do would be to find somebody in your future neighbourhood who cooks and delivers tiffins (there is always somebody!). We’re lucky enough to have this aunty in our neighbourhood who makes amazing food for Rs. 20/- per meal; and there’s so much of it that three dinners are often too much for four of us.

  3. Anonymous

    Need help ?
    Have some really resourceful friends working in Hyd so ping me in case you need help… Jes to emphasise, they work in Infy and I’ve heard that everything from surrogate mothers to dogfood is available on their Bulletin Board πŸ™‚ As for real khaana, a li’l starving wont kill ya, will it – besides you have the added incentive of shedding those ‘extra’ kilos you claim to have gained thanks to ur mom’s cooking :-p
    Happy house huntin’ πŸ™‚
    – J

  4. Anonymous

    I wud second that gentleman on Infy….They had put up everything in their board it seems…so need be, u can always fall back on ur frnds here…BTW, HYD is not all that bad..u jus need to find the right person to find u a house…but beware of the rent that he quotes…u can always bargain for 1/3 of what he offers and end at 1/2 that…else the best way forward is to take up a PG accomodation that is readily available for a decent amount…neways, happy hunting…;-)

  5. ‘I hereby declare that all those who wish to leave comments on this blog, mention their name or some sign that reveals their identity.’
    Dude, its so bad trying to guess who it is!!!!!:(

  6. Found a pretty decent acco:D…. decent = a three bedroom penthouse in the centre of the city. To be shared by 4 of us. Yipeeeeeee!!!!

  7. Well obviously, I dint have ‘additional benifits’ of moving to this city unlike certain people:P. So, not finding an acco is reason enough to crib!

  8. Welcome to the family
    Welcome to the Real World πŸ™‚ Baby be thankful you are not in Mumbai for house hunting πŸ˜€ (not that I am cribbing)…. Good for you you got room mates and yeah food shouldn’t be a problem and I do hope you finally decide trying out the delightful dishes of Paradise of Hyderabad… :)….

  9. Anonymous

    Well well well .. the mumbai crowd is sure bad . My batchmates are cribbing to death paying the high rent of the office chummery and looking for *cheaper* acco, near their office… ha ha ha.. ist getting worse by the day.
    Amhappy atleast that am starting off from July 1 – atleast I can be assured that some one or the other would have already settled and can hope to get some help from thm – if not an additional roomie!!! hippee hoooo….
    A Confused Soul

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